Pakistan, also known as the “Land of Peaks” is the sixth most populous nation in the world. The South Asian country is beautiful and filled with breathtaking scenery – places like the Neelum valley and Lake Saif-ul-Malook. Sadly, Pakistan is one of the countries that censor the internet content available in their country.

Internet Censorship in Pakistan

Pakistan was rated “not free” in the report from Freedom House which isn’t surprising as only 22.5% of the Pakistan populace use the internet. The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority is in charge of regulating online content to achieve political stability and preserve the religious values in Pakistan.

Pakistan is a nation with strict cultural and traditional values. In 2010, the Pakistan government blocked a lot of websites including Facebook, Youtube, and some Wikipedia pages. A lot of other websites have also been censored by the government. Anti-political, anti-Islamic and explicit content is not tolerated on the internet in Pakistan and you could face grave legal consequences for posting them.

Amid the internal government censorship and surveillance, internet users with Pakistan IP addresses have been geo-restricted from accessing foreign websites. Generally, internet users are shut off from harnessing the potentials of the internet from within and outside the country. 

Government Surveillance in Pakistan

The Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act (PECA) which was passed in 2016 grants the Pakistan government unrestricted surveillance and heavy censorship on online content. Ever since, the government has used PECA to witch hunt online activists, journalists, and websites to act in their favor.

In the past, many popular websites like Facebook, Youtube, WordPress, Twitter, Flickr, Wikipedia and torrent websites have been blocked by the government. The Pakistan government has employed extreme measures in its quest for supreme surveillance. The government had been reported to use FinFisher (a surveillance software), to steal documents from people’s computers.

Cyber Crime in Pakistan

In Pakistan, cybercrimes are carried out in the form of online harassment and blackmail of women. Cybercrime is fast becoming an issue in Pakistan as the number of reported incidents is on a daily rise.

Pakistan has also had its fair share of cyberattacks. Studies have shown that Pakistan is very vulnerable to cyber-attacks. In the past, Pakistan was attacked by a cyber-spying campaign. Hackers and data thieves have been known to take advantage of Pakistanis as they are easily vulnerable to online organized crime.

If you’re visiting or staying in Pakistan, you have seen ample reasons why you must protect your privacy online with RitaVPN.

RitaVPN: The Best VPN For Pakistan

RitaVPN is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) provider that puts your safety first. When it comes to online security, anonymity, and privacy, RitaVPN is the best in the trade. It offers the best VPN service you can think of. In countries like Pakistan where government surveillance and cybercrimes are the order of the day, using RitaVPN to surf the internet shields you from prying eyes. With RitaVPN’s vast range of servers spread across several cities in the world, you can also gain access to geo-restricted websites and internet services. Before we go on, let’s look at some benefits of using RitaVPN for internet surfing in Pakistan.

Benefits of Using RitaVPN in Pakistan

You stand to gain a lot of mind-blowing benefits from using RitaVPN in Pakistan. Some of the major benefits are mentioned below.

  • You can easily bypass censorship and government surveillance by using RitaVPN when surfing the internet. RitaVPN places you a layer above the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority.
  • Your privacy and anonymity are guaranteed. RitaVPN masks your original Pakistani IP address and issues you a new IP address from another country. You’re untraceable with RitaVPN!
  • RitaVPN lets you exercise your freedom of speech in Pakistan. Since your original IP address will be concealed by RitaVPN, you can express yourself freely on the internet without fear of getting arrested. 
  • Using RitaVPN also secures your data using military-grade encryption. This way, hackers can never lay hands on your private information.
  • RitaVPN gives you unlimited access to geo-restricted and blocked website content. Explore the full potential of popular streaming websites like Netflix, HBO GO, and Hulu.
  • You can be the ultimate fan! Never miss a live game with RitaVPN.
  • RitaVPN provides all-round protection whenever you are connected to public Wi-Fi hotspots. The list is endless!

RitaVPN is highly recommended for you in Pakistan because it doesn’t keep logs of your browsing history, uses AES-256 encryption, and offers unlimited bandwidth. In Pakistan, internet connection can be turned off and on unexpectedly by ISPs but as always, RitaVPN puts you two steps ahead with the kill switch feature. The kill switch feature prevents you from connecting to the internet without activating the VPN. It also stops your connectivity immediately in cases of unexpected connection interruptions.

RitaVPN is user-friendly and easy to use as a beginner. You can use it on all your devices (mobile phones and personal computers). The RitaVPN support team is always online in case you need any help. These and many more are what make RitaVPN the best VPN for Pakistan.

RitaVPN Pricing Plans

While other VPN providers charge exorbitant prices for their service, RitaVPN on the other hand provides affordable pricing packages. Therefore, RitaVPN has three plans which are pocket-friendly and heavily discounted. You can also get a free trial and a 7-day money-back guarantee. You can check their pricing plans on their official website and pick the one that suits you best. However, the yearly plan is recommended because it comes at a 50% discount – more than half the price off!


Before you read this post, you had a big question in your mind – What is the best VPN for Pakistan? After reading, I’m sure you have the answer – RitaVPN, and you must be ready to subscribe to their plans. Visit RitaVPN’s official website to get started.

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