Most Secure Social Media Platforms

Most Secure Social Media Platforms

It is no news that Social media platforms have taken possession of the world. There is hardly anyone who doesn’t make use of one or two social media platforms; while some even go the extra mile of having two or more accounts on a social media platform. 

To this generation, social media is such a blessing to everyone using it. Talk of business; a lot of businesses have gone places beyond its initial location through viral social media. Personal lives have been improved as well, with just a tap; anyone can get to know anything happening anywhere he so wishes to. 

Furthermore, possessing so much advantage, it is very crucial to note that social media has also been handy to modern-day scammers and fraudsters. Therefore, there is a need to examine a few of those platforms that are more secure than others. 

Most Secure Social Media Platforms

1. Reddit

Over the past years, there has been a lot of humming in the air over diverse incidents with users on this social media platform. However, this app has seen a revolution lately with changes and several new features which has been introduced on the application to increase both user’s anonymity and safety as well.

It could be said that this Reddit requires no data collection, while you open an account using your email, it necessarily does not have to be your primary electronic mail. The same goes for the cell number as well, this means if there is any case of leaks or thefts, perhaps much won’t be spilled out and found.

2. Twitter

Twitter is sometimes referred to as the micro-blogging social network. This is due to the huge and heavy traffic of users and activities going on and round the social media platform. While signing up for Twitter might require less data, there seem to be lots of third party plugin options within Twitter that needs a lot of data to run.

The level of security for Twitter users usually depends upon their level of use, therefore it is a good option for twitter users to remain anonymous as much as they can be. The anonymity is for both personal and technical reasons. Twitter, is a large social network, there have been cases of disses that all began from tweets, therefore, every Twitter user is advised to stay secured as much as possible.

3. Instagram

The name Instagram usually rings a bell in the ear of its users. Instagram is one social media platform where fans easily link up with their choice artist or admirer. It is that platform where influencers and influencees meet. The same Instagram is also the major site where scammers and real human beings live fake and unrealistic lives. In contrast to the latter, most people share a lot of images of themselves, their homes, families, achievements and daily activities; there is still a huge option for privacy on the application.

Although the inclusion of DMs in our traditional Instagram has made life a bit complicated for Instagram users as they seem to be receiving messages from unknown creatures, the good thing is no one will forcefully put the other to reply to a DM. Also, against such, Instagram has the block button which you can push anytime to disallow certain users from reaching you.

4. LinkedIn

Business seems to be LinkedIn’s creed. The accounts on this social media platform are more business-oriented than social chatting and disses. LinkedIn is the best application for people of like minds – business personnel- who want to share their real-life experiences with whosoever want to know.

In this century, things are changing and that is the more reason why you will find most tech companies now using LinkedIn as an equivalence to CV. As a more official platform, security features are not so much included here, there is no message encryption cum aliases are not allowed. Such an official platform it is.

5. Vkontakte

Vkontakte is a Russian owned social media application that has close similarities with Facebook. Often abbreviated as VK, this app has similarities in both the user interface as well as the security features.

The major benefit VK has is in the regards of its less popularity like other counterparts along with the fact that part of the portions of the underneath codes is embedded in the Russian Cyrillic, although this doesn’t affect the security level it does reduce the number of people trying or wanting to gain unauthorized access.

6. Facebook

Facebook is the most popular and most used of all social media platforms. Also, it is one of the most abused of all social media platforms too. However, there are adequate security features on this social media platform only that users seem to be negligent to such features.

The site has been blocked in certain regions, users in these regions will only need to unblock their locations by using the best VPN for Facebook i.e. RitaVPN.


Listed above are some of the most secure social media platforms in the world. However, there have been instances of Government hijacking user logs or even accessing users’ information while utilizing some of the secure social media.

Therefore, it is of utmost necessity that you should adhere to strict social media privacy techniques for additional protection against social media piracy.

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