Do You Always Leave Your Router on?

Do You Always Leave Your Router on

Should the router be turned off when it is not in use? Many people do not know that always leaving their routers on will slow down the speed of the Internet.

Generally, almost all home routers work 24 hours a day because we need to connect to the Internet at any time. So, there is no need for turning it off. But what you don’t know is that if you don’t turn off the router for a long time, it will decrease the network speed. Many people’s network speed is getting slower and slower because they do not use the router correctly. Moreover, it will also cause other problems. The router must be shut down regularly in order to avoid these problems. 

Slow down the Internet connection 

Most people don’t turn off their routers after working for a long time. If a router keeps on processing a large amount of data, its storage will be occupied and the Internet speed will slow down. You need to restart the router regularly to clear the cache. Without the useless data, the router is capable of processing a lot of data and thus provides a better Internet experience.

In addition, electronic devices will heat up while in use. Long hours of work will undoubtedly make your router overheat. The condition will be even worse in summer. The router should not only be placed in a well-ventilated place but also be turned off regularly to dissipate heat. When your mobile phones, laptops and other electronic devices overheat, the efficiency of these devices will be greatly reduced. So, you will feel that the mobile phone and laptop become slow. So does a router. An overheating router will slow down the Internet speed.

Therefore, if you feel the Internet speed is too slow, you might as well think about whether you haven’t turned off the router for a long time and try to restart it.

Shorten the routers lifespan

All electronic devices are aging, which is inevitable. But leaving the router on all day will obviously overload it and accelerate the aging process. If people work for a long time without any break, it will have an impact on their health. The case is the same when it comes to the machine. Long hours of high-load work will accelerate the aging of the internal parts, which undoubtedly shortens the service life. Restarting the router regularly can stop the overload of routers from accelerating the aging of routers and shortening their lifespan. To ensure the service life of a router, you have to restart it regularly.

Lightning can damage a router 

There may be a lot of people who think this is impossible. As a matter of fact, if the router is not turned off in a thunderstorm, it is likely to be destroyed by the lightning. Therefore, in thunderstorm weather, you’d better unplug the router to avoid this kind of accident. 

Extra power consumption

Although the router is a low power device, it will consume a lot of electricity if it is open for a long time. If you want to save electricity, turn it off when you go out or when you don’t use it. At present, we are concerned about environmental protection and energy conservation. Shutting down the router is one way to save energy. RitaVPN recommends you to restart it regularly so that it won’t consume extra electricity.

How to use a router correctly?

Nowadays, the router has become one of the most important devices in your home. Without it, you can’t surf the Internet fast. And you will lose a lot of fun. Of course, you should pay more attention to its correct use. Because the Internet speed is very essential when you have something to do over the Internet, such as shopping, streaming and so on.

  • Choose a high-quality router because all aspects of performance can also be guaranteed. Therefore, it can also provide you with better Internet experience.
  • Shut down the router regularly to ease the router from the heavy load. You should also turn off the router when there is no one at home for a long time.
  • If you can’t let the router rest regularly, be sure to restart the router according to your own schedule. Otherwise, it would be troublesome to restart the router when the Internet speed is too slow.
  • If the router is too aged to guarantee the quality of your network because you use the router incorrectly, you should replace it with a new router as soon as possible. In addition, be sure to use the new router correctly.

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Now, everyone should already know whether the router should be turned off regularly or not. Although every family already has a router, they are not very familiar with its use. Besides, there are various reasons that your Internet is slow. Your ISP can be monitoring your online activity and limit your bandwidth. To prevent ISP throttling, you should purchase a reputable VPN.

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