Should I always leave my VPN on?

Should I always leave my VPN on

What is a VPN? 

Virtual Private Networks known as VPN is software that enables you to step forward towards online security. There are many VPN available in the market but the best VPN provides you a secure connection when you are going to use online digital assets in the form of emails, transaction information, and social media credentials, etc.

As VPN prevents the malicious attack to your confidential information but there are also some disadvantages of keeping your VPN on so if you are wondering “Should I always leave my VPN on ?”, then this article is for you. Read the complete article carefully. Here we list down some important points that “Why/Why not it is necessary to keep your VPN on?”

Turning on VPN can be a solution to numerous problems?

We are in the era of cloud computing so cloud storage becomes prominent day by day. because cloud storage is the best way to keep your digital assets online available all the time and use when desired. But you have to make sure that your connection is strong enough and provide complex encryption which makes the attacker impossible to attack. So VPN is a key essential ingredient for online security. There are numerous data leakage cases registered in cybercrime every year. So the best way to prevent these vulnerabilities is by keeping your VPN on. These are key reasons for keeping your VPN on :

New Victims are great assets of hackers

Nowadays, there are countless cybercriminal cases. People lost their bank accounts information and social media account information and after some time they get to know that their credit card/social media account is used by some unauthorized person. So due to lack of knowledge, new users easily fall into the trap. So new Victims are great assets of hackers. In such a situation always leaving VPN on is the best solution to prevent such types of attacks because hackers cannot get the actual identity of users resulted in a secure online connection.

Your ISP granted Limited Bandwidth?

If you are a victim of ISP throttling or limiting bandwidth, then your internet speed drops down and you face certain traffic limits. These are the signs that the ISP is limiting your connection speed. In such a situation always turning on VPN is a key solution to low connection speed problems. Leaving your VPN on bypass ISP throttling and ensure you to give good internet speed. In this way, your ISP cannot trace your IP address anymore.

Public Wi-Fi is a hunting-oriented platform for hackers 

Public wifi is very famous over the globe. As we know that everyone needs free wifi, but they are unaware of the disadvantages. When the device connected to public wifi, hackers can penetrate through connection and do what they want. They might steal your credential information and use your device hardware to mine cryptocurrencies which slow down your device processing speed. So its better to keep turn on VPN while using public wifi. This will keep your data secure and you not need to worry at all. As it makes your identity anonymously overall and it becomes quite impossible for any hacker to identify you.

Bypass Geo-Blocking

Online browsing at blocked sites becomes much easier with a VPN. As we know some sites blocks specific tier 3 countries so the people living there cannot browse that online platform. This is termed as Geo-blocking. In this situation, a VPN is the best way to bypass geo-blocking. Just keep turning on your VPN to online surfing geo-blocking websites. But keep in mind that sudden IP switch indicates the blocked sites that you are using VPN service so it’s better to always turn your VPN on.

Save your money in online shopping

Using a VPN service serves tremendous advantages. Saving money during online shopping is one of them. Yes, of course, we can save money easily if we are well aware of the VPN service. Some sites use geo-filters for enabling different packages in different areas depending upon many factors. So buyers can easily switch to any virtual location which is package friendly. so keep your VPN turning on and save money easily.

When leaving a VPN on creates a problem 

As always turning on VPN is beneficial in many cases but it has few disadvantages as well. Firstly We will discuss the PayPal money transfer service. Paypal will definitely block those users who bypass geolocation by turning on VPN resulted in Paypal account suspension. Paypal considers it as an online fraud because Paypal service is not available to all countries. In this case, VPN is harmful to such online platforms so avoid using a VPN while making a transaction to any online banking service.

Acknowledging when to use VPN guaranteed you online security

If I summarize the answer to ” Should I always leave my VPN on” is yes most of the time but in rare conditions, it is good to turn it off.

VPN is a cybersecurity software for securing any personal data. Turning it always on beneficial in many aspects like bypass geo-blocking location and filters, saving money online and speed up your internet speed, etc but some times it is necessary to switch it off for while like in online banking service.

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If you are so much concerning about your security then turning VPN on is a good option because it provides an extra layer of security. But as you turn it off your data is no longer encrypted.

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