How to protect your data from your ISP

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How to protect your data from your ISP

Whatever a user does on the Internet is displayed by the ISP. This endangers the privacy of users on the Internet.

The best way to protect your privacy on the Internet is to encrypt all your online traffic. This way, an ISP can not monitor what you are doing, even though it can detect that you are using encryption and nothing else.

Use a Tor

Using a Tor Browser means that your activity is encrypted and redirected over the network by Tor servers. It makes it much harder and harder to be tracked down.

Use a proxy service

There are many proxy services that hide the user’s IP address, but how Tor does not encrypt their online activities. There are programs such as Proxify that allow anonymous browsing, and others such as Anonymouse, which can be accessed through the Internet Service Provider’s Web site.

A proxy server acts as a gateway between the user and the proxy servers. If you want to access a limited site in your area, the proxy is the right choice because it can unlock certain web pages.

Use a VPN

Although Tor is an excellent anonymity option, traffic is not 100% encrypted each time. For data encryption, you must consider a VPN.

You can use a VPN service to encrypt your online Internet data.VPNs are known not only to hide the IP address, but also to encrypt the online traffic. It effectively encrypts the traffic between the VPN server and the device so no-one can identify or discover your activity.

When you use a VPN, it hides your original IP address and exchanges it with the server’s address. Although your ISP knows your ISP address well, it can not connect you to your online activity.

The VPN service also creates an encrypted connection to your working network. If you’re a remote employee, you can work just as confidently at home as you do in the office. Although the ISP can not display your browsing history, this can be done by your colleagues.

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