What are the Reasons for Blocking Websites

Block Websites

It is always annoying to find yourself being blocked from some websites. May it be at school, office or in your home country. There are good reasons for Internet restrictions. Today we will familiarize you with the common reasons why some websites are blocked.


When it comes to Internet restriction by the government, you may think of the “Great Firewall” in China and the strict Internet censorship in Iran. The government blocks its citizens from certain websites for a few reasons.

Generally, they block some websites for politic purposes. The Internet can be used to impact the election. That’s the government won’t want to see. They need to enhance their control over the Internet through censorship.

Besides, the government wants to protect its image through Internet censorship. North Korea is a good example.

Internet restrictions also prevent Internet users from downloading copyrighted material or pirating. It is done to protect the interests of copyright owners.  


Schools block certain websites to protect students from cyber threats.

Some websites can spread malware to visitors. The malware is designed to steal your private information.

While some websites that provide inappropriate content like adult movies are blocked to make Internet child-friendly. Inappropriate material on the Internet has a very bad impact on kids. It’s a good idea for schools to prevent kids from pornography and some illegal behaviors.

In addition, some websites and services can be very distracting, time-consuming and addictive. For students, the study is their most important thing at school. If they fall addicted to something unrelated to study on the Internet, they can not focus on study. Therefore, it’s essential for schools to set limitations on which sites students visit to improve their productivity.  


With the popularity of social media, employees often fall into misuses of them. The Internet is distracting to students as well as businessmen. That’s the top reason why most companies block certain websites especially social media at the office. This can effectively solve the problem of employees’ productivity drops.

Companies also do this to avoid data breaches to some extent. Because some employees may unintentional breach of confidentiality.

To unlock websites, you can use the best VPN for bypassing geographical restrictions or try other ways by following our instructions.

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