Why is Private Browsing Useful?

Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari, the most popular browsers today, enable users to browse privately without saving their browsing history. That’s private browsing.

It deletes all browsing history after users close the private window, but don’t go much further. The way private browsing works is misunderstood by most of us. It only stops other users on your local computer or mobile device from accessing your browsing history. Your ISP and websites you visit can still monitor your online travels because they know your true IP address.

But this is still a useful function as long as you know how it works and understand its limitations. That is to say, private browsing can be used in many cases.

Signing in to Multiple Email Accounts

The most common case must be logging in to multiple accounts by using the private window. You don’t need to sign out the previous one. For example, if you want to check your multiple email accounts from the same service provider, you can open private windows to check all these emails at the same time. Or you have to log out one email account before signing in to another one.

Gift Shopping

Private browsing is also useful for you to buy gifts secretly. If you share your devices with others, your gift purchase may be seen by them. For example, Valentine’s Day is drawing near and you want to give your beloved one a surprise. However, your lover might see your searches for a flower shop and relative ads start popping up in the following days. Adopting private browsing will help you avoid this. The surprise shouldn’t be spoiled by “Big Data”.  

Do Questionable Researches / Look up Something Questionable

Sometimes, you may want to ask stupid questions or do questionable researches. It is annoying that browsers keep all your browsing history, including these stupid questions. Some researches look so bad out of context that you want to prevent others from seeing them.

Using private browsing will get you around this. And you don’t have to worry about it.  

Using Computers That arent Yours

When you are using public computers or others’ computers to check your Facebook account, your username and password may be accessible to others using the same computer. You’d better open a private window to log in to your Facebook account. It will delete your browsing history and cookies after you close the window.  

Similarly, if you need to check email on your friend’s computer, you can use private browsing. In this way, you don’t have to sign out of your friend’s account and you can check your email account without leaving any history on the computer.   

Booking Flights

Booking flight is another use case for private browsing. Airlines and online travel companies adjust the price according to your browser cookies. If you keep on searching for the same flight, it will increase the price. It’s useful to find flights in a private window because it seems that you haven’t searched before.

Watch Adult Movies or Weird Videos

Nowadays, more and more people tend to watch adult movies online. And sometimes you may watch some weird videos. If you want to keep such activities to yourself, you can use private browsing.

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