A thief at your front door: the Ring doorbell exploit explained

A thief at your front door the Ring doorbell exploit explained

An undesired foreigner in your apartment is a very terrible experience that reminds us of some of the terror classics. Do you think it might be caused by one device? Ring security doorbell, a convenient as well as a dangerous tool. Someone can hack it, and the outcomes could be horrible. In this article, you will learn about the doorbell hacks and how to prevent such hacks.

Ring Security Doorbell

Ring Doorbell is an intelligent Amazon home safety gadget that allows you to access the doorway remotely. This device is connected near the front door, and by using the wifi of the house, it connects with your smartphone. You could see an individual through the mounted camera who wants to visit you and remotely authorize or refuse his access to your house.

Flaws in Security Doorbell

But a bug currently patched in the Doorbell ring might have enabled hackers to send fake pictures into the live video feed, or to watch the video and audio. The company has fixed the susceptibility in the new versions of the application, but there is still some vulnerability in the application of old users who haven’t updated the apps yet.

The latest study concluded that using the right methods, if someone catches the incoming data packets might have access to the live feeds. These data packets are not strongly encrypted. A scammer with wifi access might even have inserted information into the feed before reaching the application. In an especially devious assault, this injection technique could be used to deliver faked photographs to an owner to persuade them to open the front door.

Security Concerns in Doorbells

Different safety concerns have been affecting the device for long. The system still has a poor record while some have been discussed and quickly resolved. The primary safety issues are as follows:

  • The security agency has discovered that by obtaining the system, an attacker may intercept the ring bell. There is no encryption for information passing between the application and the doorbell ring system. So they can watch who is leaving and entering your home, or display a video of anyone you recognize so that you can open the door.
  • Users reported that they managed to access the device with the older login credentials even after they updated the passwords.

The doorbell can expose your wifi key

Technology researchers also found that a significant security gap reveals a Wi-Fi-enabled doorbell’s wireless network key. The Ring helps punters to respond from your cell phone when visitors come to your door even though you’re out of your home. This setup is a Surveillance camera that activates when people approach the door and let homeowners talk to couriers, guests, etc.

Pen Test Partners are enthralled by this interface, but surprised when they passed out a safety assessment of the gadget. The system is protected outside of the house with two screws that allow it to be vulnerable to robbery. When the package is lost, the Ring doorbell provides free repair, and consumers are protected by the situation.

But that’s not the end of the system problems. A simple attack makes accessing a wifi key too convenient. To do so, attackers would have to take the package away from the door brace, switch it over and push the “set up” orange key. It is straightforward to find out the wifi password.

How to Protect your Doorbell Ring?

You should take the following steps to secure your doorbell.

  1. Always use a guest network to secure your wifi connection. The guest network provides you with an additional layer of security. One will have to hack the guest network to access the first network.
  2. Use a reliable and robust password for the wifi network. A strong password is always the best option so that no one can guess it.
  3. Ensure that you have customized settings. In the personalized settings, you don’t have to share the wifi with everyone. Disable the broadcast service of your wifi network.
  4. Antivirus software is the best choice as it protects your device from malicious and harmful attacks. It is advised to use the updated versions of antivirus software because they always provide you with better security.
  5. Enable the firewall of your device. You can use the built-in firewall of the device.
  6. Place your device to a secret location, and it should not be visible. By hiding your device, no one would be able to steal it.
  7. The software of the device has been updated. The company is providing better security features in the updated version so you should use the latest updated version.
  8. You should not upload the videos on any social media platform. It can bring some severe threats to your privacy.

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