Vacation Selfie: How to set Multiple Geo-Locations for your Holidays?

Vacation Selfie How to set Multiple Geo-Locations for your Holidays

These days, virtually everyone seems to be enjoying the groove of being away from home and sharing diverse locations while they are away from home. While this practice could be both hazardous to personal safety and cyber safety; it is crucial to maintain cyber hygiene by seeking ways to stay safe on the internet, even while sharing your location with a huge audience.

However, you can now fake your location data even while you taking selfies with your cell phone. The aim of this is not to get your belongings robbed while you are away from home. Also, it gives you some pleasure of traveling places in just one place.

By using a premium VPN service provider such as RitaVPN, you are guaranteed of online anonymity whenever you surf the web or take images by using applications incorporated with geo-location trackers. 

What is Geolocation?

In this context, it is important to understand what geolocation itself is, and just as the name suggests, this is primarily your geographic location. Although the name remains self-explanatory, device makers have made the name somewhat complicated; making it easy for anyone to find you based on your data location- based on the fact that you could be unknowingly making your location known already.

Every cell phone devices have an option incorporated with media files such as videos, images and even audio files to show their location i.e. where you are sending information from. Although, this wasn’t created with the idea of having a bunch of hijackers gathered around when something goes wrong; however, it could still be a hazardous process to make your exact location known when putting up images and videos on the social media. 

Moreover, giving out locations to shady companies and governments who use them for targeted marketing and territorial monitoring respectively could be hazardous. 

GPS vs. Data Location

There are several ways hackers can track your location, but there are two major ways to have your location known by anyone skilled in hacking. Your location from photos and videos can be tracked from a Global Positioning System (GPS) or through your IP address and the known location of the server or data tower.

However, a GPS is way more accurate in cases of finding and knowing your device, as it uses a satellite in geosynchronous orbit to pinpoint precisely where the signal is coming from. Since knowing your location is solely dependent on your location, GPS makes it easy to tell your location using a radius of between three feet ranging to about fifty feet.

Home Security Tips you should consider

Online privacy and security should be considered when revealing your true location on the internet. Moreover, some home invaders may use such information to determine what time you are at home or outside the house.

Hence, you should understand that built-in GPS from phone makers makes tracking a cakewalk process for virtually everyone. For instance, Google Maps allows you to track the locations of iPhone and Android devices.

For maximum online anonymity as far as your real location is concerned, you need to make use of a VPN tool to obfuscate your IP address. This will ensure that your true location is not revealed most especially while taking holiday selfies.

With VPN, you can easily set your geo-location thereby preventing people from detecting your real location based on your geo-tagged selfies or media information. Additionally, hijackers cannot track your location based on GPS information. Therefore, you can decide to switch your location sporadically to prevent any of your social media followers from knowing your exact location.

This keeps your personal life safe and privatized from the snooping eyes of the unknown enemies. 

How to set Multiple Geo-Locations by using VPN

One of the trusted VPN service providers you can make use of is RitaVPN. With RitaVPN, you can tweak your location in such a way that you move around any location in the world without anyone knowing you were off for vacation until they get to see you again.

Using the internet allows your location to be easily tracked through your Internet Service Provider. However, by using the best VPN service for travelers i.e. RitaVPN, you can spoof your locations. Also, when you take images that are attributed with geo-location tags, they get spoofed as well based on the RitaVPN generated location you opt for.

Furthermore, you can make use of the RitaVPN mobile applications whether iOS or Android which allows you to spoof your location in contrast to what your ISP reveals.

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The use of geolocation applications cannot be avoided; however, to avoid safety risk you should not reveal your true location to outsiders thereby leaving yourself prey to being a victim of negative circumstances while you’re about relaxing during your holidays.

Therefore, you must make use of a dependable VPN service such as RitaVPN for your holiday geo-locations anonymity.

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