How to Download Films from YTS Safely with RitaVPN?

Download films from yts using VPN

As soon as said YTS it is known & also the name YIFY has been famous together. These websites have been banned which are very famous to download HD quality films because they were torrent film downloading sites. Though torrent was banned in the world, it was helpful for thousands of people to download HD films, TV series, Games, Software in free. Today we are talking about how to download films from YTS using VPN.

YTS (YIFY Torrents) is known as a peer-to-peer release group which is for distributing a huge number of films. The films can be downloaded freely through BitTorrent. YIFY has attracted the number of downloaders because their releases are in small file sizes which have characterized through HD video quality.  

In 2015, MPSS shut down the original YTS/YIFY. Then a website imitating the earlier YTS came in and now it also has huge traffic as the original one had. The name YIFS was origin from the name of the founder of that website. He is Yftach Swery.

Websites that are similar to original YTS

After creating YTS there started many other websites using the same name & they aimed to make heavy traffic for their websites. Even after the extinction of the original YTS, there are still fake YTS websites with good conditions. In them, some films have the quality of the original YTS torrent. YTS.LT, YTS.AM, YTS.IO are few such websites. The films with high quality & low capacity which were in original YTS are available on these websites.

Why should we use a VPN when downloading through YTS?

As torrent is non-legal, YTS.LT has even displayed for their users to hide their privacy using a VPN. It is because some countries track people who go to torrent sites. It is essential to use a VPN to hide your IP location & the data of your device. In some countries, their government has told their ISPs straightly to block those torrent sites. So, some sites are banned in those countries. But you have the opportunity to download & watch high-quality films & tv series in those blocked websites like they are unblocked websites. So, you have to use a VPN when using those websites.

You may think that all the above-mentioned things are done just to secure your downloaded torrent files, then it is worthless. Even so, the most important thing that you should keep in your mind is, the most appropriate way to keep the internet traffic more secured is the use of VPN service. For this purpose, if you are searching for the best VPN then we can guarantee the RitaVPN service. Even you also know about it now. It is time to live in the most encrypted life with RitaVPN.

What is the reason for the use of YTS Proxy Sites Altogether?

As we mentioned above, VPN is the best solution to watch your favorite movies freely on YTS without any geo-restrictions. Almost every person who loves to watch films may have visited YTS or even have heard of it. But the issue is governments of some countries have banned this site because torrent downloading is not legal.

How can you download YTS torrent from anywhere?

As aforesaid, some websites are blocked in some countries. But you can use them as unblocked websites even you are in any place in the world. The solution is changing your geolocation. The best factor for that is using a VPN. But some countries have banned the services of some VPNs. So, to download & to browse blocked websites like YTS as you wish, saving your privacy only the VPN solution is using a RitaVPN. Like today’s, this has been very popular as easy usage, qualitative, trustable & profitable. This is a good competitive VPN for other VPN services.

What are the most significant features that a VPN should have to download films in YTS?

When selecting the best VPN for YTS torrent downloading we have to concern about some significant features.  There should not be any data caps and need a very fast downloading speed. And also, torrent downloaders seed excellence of privacy and security. Based on those features the best VPN service can be evaluated with the following criteria.

  • Security – The activities done by the VPN user should not be snooped by any outsider. Encryption should ensure it and should keep the internet providers behind you. DNS leak protection should be there to make sure that any data does not leave your device
  • Logging policy – The VPN service should not record any data of your activities. So, the hackers are not able to steal any data about the users.
  • Bandwidth limit – There are some VPN services with limited bandwidths and data caps. Because of that downloading is limited at a certain point. But for torrent downloading, it requires a lot of data. Therefore, when selecting a VPN, you have to consider the unlimited bandwidth.
  • Shared IP addresses – It is better to select a VPN with a shared IP for torrent downloading. Then you share that IP with a large number of people but it adds an extra layer of anonymity. So, it is very difficult for third parties to trace back your activities.

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For the protection from penalties due to copyright infringement, most of the people are using VPN services in YTS torrent downloading.  But other than that, there are more significant services in the best VPN. You can feel free when torrenting using a VPN without any troubleshooting. For that, you should select the best VPN service that will not harm your privacy at any point. We can guarantee that the RitaVPN service is one such best VPN that consists of all the above significant features. You can trust without any doubt, that the RitaVPN will never harm your privacy and no any data will leak out from your device.

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