How to fix the ‘Your connection is not private’ error?

How to Fix the 'Your connection is not private' error

You may have seen an error “Your connection is not private” several times while using the pc. This is a common problem for internet users, and most of the users don’t know that it just takes a few minutes to remove this error. This error is because of your browser and internet connection. 

What is “Your connection is not private” error?

The error “your connection is not private” concerns the websites that run over HTTPS. Whenever you open any website, the browser sends a request to that server, which is providing hosting to that website. The browser verifies the certificate installed on that website to make sure that it complies with the data protection requirements and standards.

When the browser sees an invalid certificate, it tries to stop you from approaching the site. All the browsers provide this function to secure the user from any risky website. The invalid certificate indicates that encryption cannot be completed correctly, and the user is not safe at that site, so the browser shows you a message of “Your connection is not private.”

 How to fix “your connection is not private” error?

This error indicates that the website is not secure and may be hackers or scammers are trying to steal your personal information. You can follow the following methods to overcome this error.

Change Date and Time 

The main reason for this error is due to the wrong time and date of your computer. When you purchase a new device, you may not have synchronized the date and time might not have been properly. Time and date are used by the browsers to confirm SSL security certificates. So always use the right time and date in your device.

Some SSL certificates are invalid for some months, so if the date is wrong in your device, you cannot expect a proper and valid connection. You can set the time and date automatically on your computer according to your time zone.

Reload the webpage

This may seem somewhat pretty clear to some, but one of the simplest methods to remove the error of private connection is to close your web browser, reopen it and again start the webpage. It may be due to rereleasing the security certificates from the web owner or just because of some minor error in your browser at the time of connection.

Clear the Cache and Cookies 

If you are facing some issues related to the browser, the first step you should do is clear the cache. After clearing the browsing data, the error of private connection would be solved. The cache and cookie may also stop you from visiting some websites.

In Google Chrome, you can clear the cache by clicking the 3 dots in the upper right corner and go to “More Tools” and “Clear the Browsing Data.” You will see a new window, and after selecting the timeframe, select the “Cached images and files” and then click “Clear data.”

Use Incognito Window/ Private Mode

Most of the browsers provide you the option of using the internet through incognito mode. In this mode, your browsing history is not saved in the database, and after you close the browser, no one traces your online activities. Using incognito mode can also eliminate the error of private connection because most of the time, your extensions in a browser also prevent you from starting a secure connection. Using the incognito window or private mode can remove the error of a private connection.

Disable the Antivirus Software for sometime

Most of the security programs and antivirus software check the HTTPS, and they automatically block the unusual connections and SSL certificates. Go to the settings and disable the feature of “SSL scanning.” You can disable the antivirus program in your device and again open the website. If the error of the private connection is gone, you need to change the antivirus software installed in your device.

Stop using Public Wifi

Another reason for that private connection error message could be the public wifi. If you are using some public wifi and see the error message, it means that wifi is supporting the HTTPS and has been not configured correctly. While connecting with the public wifi networks, they ask you to agree with the terms and conditions. When you agree with their terms and policies, they can monitor your activities. You will see an error message when you will visit any HTTPS website.

There’s another way to use the public wifi and avoid the error of private connection.

  • Connect to the public wifi.
  • Visit any HTTP website.
  • You will see a sign-in page. Just agree with the terms and conditions.
  • After agreeing with all the terms and policies, you can visit the HTTPS website.

While using public wifi, you will be sharing a network with other unknown users. They can easily steal your information so while connecting with the public wifi always use a VPN service.

Proceed Manually

RitaVPN does not recommend you to use this option because proceeding manually will not encrypt your connection, and your personal information would be at risk. However, we covered this topic only to explain to you that this is also a solution for the private connection error.

If you have to proceed manually, you will see a link of “Proceed to domain” at the end of the error message. If you could not find this option, you should look at the “advanced options.”  

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