How to Get the Best Online Shopping Deals using a VPN?

How to get the Best Online Shopping Deals using VPN

Virtual Private Networks (VPN) has lots of benefits to internet users. They help people surf the internet securely, bypass and unblock restricted web content, stay stealth online, and so much more. One other area where a VPN can be very useful is in online shopping. 

Online shopping is a common thing today. Statistics from Statista shows that close to 2 billion people from across the globe shop online. With a VPN, people can make the most out of their online purchases. They can access good online shopping deals and purchase goods at lesser prices which can help them save money. 

Aside from this, using a VPN ensures that your online shopping is safe and secure. If you are going to shop online using a VPN, you should go for a reliable one such as RitaVPN. 

How does RitaVPN help in online shopping? 

RitaVPN is an ideal VPN service for getting the best online shopping deals because it has the features that matter. First of all, this virtual private network is easy to use with its user-friendly interface. After download, you just need a click to activate; there would not be any extra configuration for you to carry out. 

The VPN also unblocks websites, it does this by changing your IP address and your browsing location. If there is any website that is restricted to your location or perhaps your IP address is blocked by such a website, you will still gain access using RitaVPN.

Also, it is a very secure VPN as it features AES-256 encryption. Information you share online, won’t be accessed by any third-party, not even RitaVPN as it has a no-log policy. 

How do these connect with getting the best online shopping deals? It is simple. If you want to shop online with a VPN for the best deals, you should be able to use the VPN without any problem. Since RitaVPN is easy to use, you have no trouble with that.

Online shopping websites do structure pricing and deals mainly based on customers’ location. The price of an item displayed online for your country might be different from that of other countries. Since you can set your location to other countries, you can check using multiple locations to find the best price deal for you.

For example, Amazon might release certain shopping deals and discounts available to residents in the United States alone. If you do not reside in the United States, you cannot access such a deal or discount; but you can with RitaVPN. RitaVPN can your IP and location, you can simply set your location to America and access the deal. This is not only applicable to buying items online. It is also applicable in booking flights, booking hotels, paying for show tickets and more.

When it comes to making payment for such item, you want to be sure that the payment details you are entering won’t be compromised. As a secure platform it is, the VPN prevents your details from being hacked with its top-notch encryption. Overall, you do not just get access to the best deals and offers; you get a good online shopping experience. 

How to Get the Best Online Shopping Deals using RitaVPN?

To get the best online deals using RitaVPN, you primarily just need to activate it and visit the shopping site. However, here are tips you can follow to ensure that there is no glitch and you get the best online shopping deal.

1. Clear browsing cookies

Browsing cookies are mini data files stored on your web browser as you browse and they are collected from websites you visit. The work of these cookies is to store your browsing records so when next you visit the websites, contents will be served based on your previous activities. 

You do not want this if you are to change your browsing location and IP address. A cookie stores these details and can relate them to the online shopping platform if you do not clear them. Though RitaVPN can stop these cookies from tracking your records, it is recommended that you clear them manually before visiting prospective shopping websites.  

2. Make use of a private browser

A private browser lets you browse with privacy – something you also get using RitaVPN. When you browse with a private browser, your browsing history is not stored and all cookies are automatically cleared once you exit. With a VPN and a private browser, there is no way a shopping website can track your IP address or location and you won’t have to worry about cookies.

You can choose not to download a private browser and just make use of the private browsing feature if your browser has it. Popular browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, MS Edge, and Internet Explorer all feature private browsing modes.

3. Delay purchases

This is a trick so you get informed about the hottest shopping deals and offers. It is not every time that you get pre-informed about the latest discounts and deals. Also if these deals do not apply to your location, you are likely not to get notified by the online shopping platform.  

When you shop and add items to your cart, you can delay payment for a day or two. Shopping sites will be tempted to present you with available deals and discounts so that you will be enticed to purchase such items. If available, they will be sent to your email and also to your phone via SMS. 


If you were not informed about the benefits of shopping with a VPN, you are now. Shopping online with a reliable VPN service such as RitaVPN gives you access to the best deals available. Technically, RitaVPN does all the work but implementing the tips discussed is an extra step to ensure everything goes smoothly.

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