How to create two Fiverr accounts in the same device using a VPN?

How to create two Fiverr account in same device using VPN

At present, “Fiverr” is very famous among online workers. Fiverr is one of the freelancing services in the world. Through,, like web associations Fiverr has been famous rapidly because many are using it. Today we are going to discuss how to do Fiverr & how to maintain two accounts in the same device who has one already using a VPN.

Why Fiverr is famous than other freelancing websites?

Through Fiverr the service provider does not need to go to find customers & he can explain whole the process, quotations by chatting with the customers, adjusting with their capabilities. After discussing the provider can place the customer’s order.

In Fiverr, the service provider & the customer are defined as the seller & the buyer. After creating a Fiverr account, you are given these both functions & if you need to gain any service from another just switch it to the buyer.

Also, it is easier to find a job work than other freelancing websites.

How to create two Fiverr accounts using the same device?

Many people use more than two accounts & it has a high percentage of risk. If you have a Fiverr account already, here are few tips to create another account using the same device.

Tips for creating two Fiverr accounts
  • Install another additional browser to your device.
  • Install the “User-agent-switcher” extension to your newly installed browser to create a second Fiverr account. After installing, click on that extension & choose an OS instead of the OS in your device.
  • Get the best VPN to change the location. You will understand what is the best one from the below discussion.
  • An email that has not used to create a Fiverr account
  • Another address if you have used your address to your first account.

If you have fulfilled those points, firstly choose the location of your country or another country through the VPN you installed.

Note: If you need to create the account, not as your country, you have to select the country which you are needed in the VPN.

Here the main part is done by VPN. Because if you made an account without VPN, Fiverr can recognize it within a few days that both accounts belong to one person. After that, they may ban one account or both. Otherwise, you have to provide the documents that they are beseeching to protect both accounts or the first account.

Is it essential to use a VPN when login to Fiverr account?

The considerable thing here is if you use more than two accounts it is safer to use a VPN. Many have shown that selecting the country which was selected in VPN is safer when you are login to the account. Many VPN provide commensurable services but here specially RitaVPN is mentioned due to its magnificent services. RitaVPN is for both free and paid service. For free users, they can watch ads to win free trials, or invite their friends to use our app to get free trials. Your friends can be invited through Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.

How to login to Fiverr account in a country where Fiverr is banned?

The use of a VPN service is the solution not only to create many Fiverr accounts but also to log in to the Fiverr account if your country has banned Fiverr. To protect from third-party hackers, to login unblocked websites around the world & for transactions, the best solution is using a VPN.

Is Fiverr accepting VPN for the login to account?

Though Fiverr does not accept officially VPN is the best-secured way & many logins their accounts without any problem through VPN. If you are going to another country for a tour or something it is not a problem due to the VPN. They will send you a message to verify that if this is you or is the account has been hacked. It is because Fiverr is attentive about account owners as money exchanges happen through these accounts.

5 Mistakes That May Get Your Fiverr Accounts Disabled

1. Hate speech
  • Fiverr doesn’t care if you deliberately promoted hate speech or not; whether you did it jokingly or on a serious note. If there is any form of hate speech in your Gig or your order promotions, then your account will get banned
2. One payment account linked with several Fiverr accounts
  • Perhaps a friend wanted you to help him withdraw money from Fiverr because he didn’t have a PayPal account, so you went ahead and used the same PayPal account linked with your account to withdraw money from your friend’s account.
  • Fiverr will consider that the same person owns both accounts and maybe one or both accounts banned.
  • So, whatever you do, make sure not to link the same Payoneer or PayPal account with several Fiverr accounts.
3. Exchanging email and phone number
  • It is compulsory to carry out all the transactions through Fiverr. If anyone tries to do any business outside the Fiverr then the guilty party will be banned
  • Considerably, all the messages you send or receive through Fiverr are not private. They can be read by the Fiverr team. So, you never request for people’s emails or phone numbers. And if someone requests for yours, you must not give it to them.
4. Too many complaints from other account holders
  • Not only by getting bad ratings, but you may also get banned by having many complains to Fiverr about your bad deliveries.
  • Some buyers try to bully or blackmail new sellers for extra services. Then they also will be banned.
  • You will be catch up by Fiverr and your account will be banned.
5. Spamming buyers
  • Some try to get done jobs as spamming buyers
  • If anyone whom you have sent messages has reported against you, then you will get either warned or banned.

You have to take care of when you market your services according to these points.

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Fiverr is telling to use one account for one user & it is their standard. But we told you that how to maintain another account through the same device & would like to say that use it carefully. To login to your second Fiverr account, you need the help of a VPN. As aforesaid the best solution is using the RitaVPN. 

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