What are the important criteria in choosing a VPN?

What are the important criteria in choosing a VPN

For the last few years, cyber-attacks become quite prominent. Every year the number of cyberattacks increases. Organization and local folks are more focused on their confidential data. In order to get protected, they choose any VPN service without knowing the basic criteria of selection. The selection criteria vary person to person depends upon which purpose VPN should use. Keep in mind the need of VPN nowadays, we extracted some important factors for VPN selection :  

Internet Speed

Internet speed has always been a major concern whether it associates with private local networks or large commercial businesses. A VPN provides virtual connection by rerouting your internet connection through Private servers, so internet connection definitely effected by the VPN service you choose. Internet connection speed and number of servers available in VPN are directly proportional to each other. More the servers in VPN,  less the chance for users to connect the same servers at one time which results in minimum load on servers hence more internet speed has prevailed. Internet connection speed also depends upon the physical distance between the user and the VPN server. Well, in that case, more VPN servers make it possible for users to connect the nearest server which definitely ensures good internet speed. So the point is to choose the VPN service which provides maximum servers close to your physical location.

Data Security

One of the biggest concerns about using a VPN is “security”. No matter how much fast internet speed your VPN provides you, if he doesn’t secure your data then there is no point in choosing that VPN service. It is very important to know that VPN you are going to select has all the necessary algorithms to protect your data with a high level of encryption. Good VPN uses the best encryption algorithm like Advanced Encryption Standard(AES) or Military-grade encryption(AES-256). These algorithms provide advance layers of security to users’ data hence It is impossible for hackers to bypass these algorithms by decrypting the encrypted data. So choose the VPN which provides better security services.

Device Compatibility

One of the most important criteria for choosing the best VPN is device compatibility. All efforts are fruitless if the VPN does not support your chosen device. Device compatibility means VPN provides a responsive interface and stable services to all devices. VPNs are commonly used on computers and mobile devices. VPN Software is commonly developed according to operating systems. VPN developed for the specific operating system cannot be run on another operating system like android VPN cannot be run on windows. SO basically VPN is totally operating system-oriented. There are plenty of VPN available in the market so if you are confused about which VPN to choose then you have to check the device’s compatibility level of VPN. Greater the compatibility, excellent service VPN provide.

Paid Services

When it comes to premium services of VPN, paid VPNs are far better than free VPNs. There are large numbers of free VPNs available in the market but this free stuff won’t provide you enough security. Moreover, a free VPN might be logging your credential information or browsing history. In that case, paid VPNs are more considerable because there is no shortage of pocket-friendly VPNs in the market. You can also buy a yearly package that will save you money. Paid VPNs provide you a greater number of servers, advance encryption, optimize speed, 24/7 stable availability and strictly follow the no-log policies. So always prefer to get paid VPN service over free.

Large VPN network

Every country has its own rule and policies. Some countries block websites for different reasons. Local People are allowed to use only unblock websites. So if your country is prone to geo-blocking and wants to bypass the blocked content then you have to be very wise in selecting a VPN. Many sites use anti VPN software to block the IP address that connected to a VPN. IF the overall network of VPN servers is not big enough then it’s easy for the Anti VPN system to blacklist the entire VPN network. VPN with large, global networks can bypass the Anti VPN software easily. So prefer a large network VPN.

Unblock Torrent

As you all are well aware of amazing torrent services. So, who wouldn’t want to use torrent? But torrent can limit your bandwidth and lower down the internet speed. Moreover, it is the main reason for piracy of copyrighted content so using torrent in some countries is illegal. If you live in a country where the torrent is illegal then you will need torrent to bypass those restrictions. There are only limited VPN in the market which allow bypassing blocked torrent so if you are torrent lover then always select the VPN that allows torrenting and did not affect the speed or bandwidth.

Kill switch

Every organization is more concerned about its data security and want a leak-free encrypted connection. So that’s why they use VPN. But unfortunately, sometimes your VPN drops the connection with VPN servers. In that case, it is possible to a great extent that your IP gets exposed. So in order to reduce this risk, a kill switch feature is the key solution. Kill switch feature will make sure that your IP address will not get exposed in case of disconnection with VPN servers. So prefer the VPN service having a kill switch feature.

Customer Support

If you want to use a VPN, you don’t have to be a technical expert. Nowadays its become quite easier to install and use VPN. Anyone can use basic VPN service with just a little awareness of the technology. But as far as advance setting concerned, it becomes a little bit complex to configure it. In that case, good customer support with easy to understand content is a solution. Prefer the VPN service with good customer support.

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There are many criteria for selecting a Good VPN service but we can discuss a few important factors. The main point is we should not buy a VPN without knowing it. If we do this we can suffer a lot. You can identify a good VPN by reading the points above. So it’s best that you research any VPN before using it. So our recommendation is to select the RitaVPN which gives you optimize results.

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