How to Choose the Best VPN

How to choose a VPN?
How to choose a VPN?

There is a good reason to use a VPN (or “virtual private network“). A VPN establishes a secure connection to the Internet by hiding your IP address – your unique identification number – and encrypting the data you send and receive online. This makes it the fastest, easiest and most powerful tool you can integrate into your privacy and security arsenal.

If you use a VPN, this information will not be displayed for surfing the Internet. Instead, only the timestamps of your connections to the VPN provider are displayed. The VPN hides your IP no matter how you connect to the Internet, whether through a browser or through an app that accesses the Web.

VPNs are useful in other ways that you might find helpful while traveling. Your VPN app gives you a choice of servers that you can use to connect to the Internet. When you connect to a Los Angeles server, you seem to connect from Los Angeles … even if you’re in Ghana or Mongolia. If the site you are using blocks your location, you can simply connect to another server to get around it.

How to choose the best VPN

1.Remember to enable the “kill switch”. This will stop your Internet connection if your VPN connection is lost or broken. This preference may mean that the difference is between being hidden on the Internet or disclosing your IP address, location, and personal information. The kill switch technology differs from provider to provider.

2. Connect through a server that meets your speed, location, security, and legal requirements. If I want to protect speed and privacy from the prying eyes of mobile phone companies, I connect to servers in the US. If I want to stream the great content from the BBC’s iPlayer, I connect to a server in the UK. If I want to avoid the prying eyes of US intelligence agencies and their global partners, I connect to servers in Costa Rica, Bulgaria or other non-monitoring partner countries.

Tip: Use your VPN all the time. Use your VPN all the time. Use your VPN all the time!

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