How to prevent a data breach

How to prevent a data breach
How to prevent a data breach

Do you spend most of your day on the internet, surfing through the web, doing online shopping or playing video games? If your answer is yes then like any other individual who is online or an organization you’re also prone to an attack by hackers.

Most hackers use a technology called sniffers, which is a computer program used to decode data to make it readable. The bad news is it is completely legal to use it since sniffers are used by the good guys as well to make sure that a network is secure. Bad guys use it to spy on you or steal your valuable data. All the wireless connections that you’re connected to are extremely vulnerable to attacks by these sniffers.

The good news is you can use a virtual private network or a VPN, a good example of which is Rita VPN, to protect your data from these sniffers. These VPNs protect your data in a number of ways.


When you open a website while using a VPN, this VPN encrypts this whole web session so it is impossible for those sniffers to decrypt and thus your simple web session can become as secure as a bank account and save you from a potential attack.


The internet is full of malicious sites that are being used to steal data from users, in most cases firewalls built on your computers don’t allow you to use such websites fearing a data breach but that might end up blocking you from information that would lead to ‘free-thinking’. A VPN helps you access all those blocked sites even if they are malicious with zero risks of a data breach because it encrypts your whole web session and makes it impossible for those malicious websites to sniff data from you and at the same time lets you surf safely across the web.


One of the most important purpose that a VPN server is protecting your right to privacy. Most of the time while working in an organization or using public internet, the people in control of the servers have access to each and everything that you do internet and some rogue employee may get involved in cybercrime and use that important information that they got off your web sessions. In such a situation a VPN helps you protect your privacy and helps you surf anonymously across the web. In such a situation the people who are in control of your servers can see and access nothing from your computer making it extremely private.

But worry not, for we have the perfect solution for all your data accessing and security problems i.e. Rita VPN is the best VPN available in the market right now. Developed by the expertise of most successful security experts and developers, we provide you an opportunity to stream data whenever you want, wherever you want without having to worry about your identity being known or your precious data for being vulnerable to attacks by sniffers. RitaVPN is your go-to solution for all your security and privacy-related problems.

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