Download Torrents Fast, Anonymously and Safely

Though we can watch TV and movies online. Sometimes, I still want to download them. Torrent is a good way to download music, applications, games, videos, and images fast and conveniently. It is a useful tool based on peer to peer protocol which means you don’t rely on the main central server. You can continue downloading even if your Internet is disconnected or your computer is suddenly shut down. What’s more, you are able to download torrent in a very fast way.

However, your IP address is disclosed to others in the same torrent swarm. You are monitored by your ISP and copyright trolls. Consequences come as a warning letter, Internet throttling or legal action. This means you have to hide your IP address if you want to download anonymously and safely. It’s commonly seen that people use a VPN to mask IP addresses.

Get started from choosing a reliable VPN to prevent ISP, copyright trolls and even anyone else from spying on your online activities. A no-log VPN support for torrenting is a good choice. It changes your location to that of the server you chose so that you won’t be tacked. An encrypted tunnel is built between you and the VPN server to shield your torrenting from snooping. VPNs with no-log policy keep your activities to yourself, which ensures the security and anonymity of your torrent downloads. Since not all servers support torrenting, you’d better choose a VPN with dedicated servers for torrent downloading. A faster speed would be offered to VPN users.

To download torrents fast, anonymously and safely, RitaVPN is the top pick. It will keep you anonymous and safe online. You don’t have to worry about being tracked by others. Try RitaVPN and protect yourself online.

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