Best Torrent Search Engines You Should Consider

Best Torrent Search Engines You Should Consider

Torrent has good movies and services. You probably have some of its services you use, mostly their websites. Torrent websites are trendy and useful. Among a large number of sites, you probably would have the ones you frequently visit. There are tons of options available, but your favorite one might be temporarily down. Provided that you need to access the website, you should use a torrent search engine.

A torrent search engine helps you to locate each one of these websites; that’s where the usefulness comes in. Just like Google, their services cover a wide variety of sites, helping you to get as much information that is needed. Also, torrent search engines expand your search, including all torrent websites.

Before we go further, let’s understand that a few of these search engines are usually down or nowhere to be found. Notably, the anti-piracy group makes these websites a target. Hence, they begin to experience legal issues that might lead to its shutting down.

Best Torrent Search Engines

Our recommendations are based on your safety; that’s why we imply that you stay safe while torrenting. Meanwhile, here are the best torrent search engines that you can use.


Xtorx is the first on our list of the best torrent search engines. Existentially, the websites have a unique and incredible interface. The site is nothing less than persuasive.

Put down the name of the torrent search you wish to carry out, Xtorx does the job fast and in an excellent way. In no time, a list of the search result pops up. Once clicked, it redirects you to other torrent websites with the needed information. This torrent search engine has some prominent features such as fast, accurate search experience and ads-free. Although Xtorx might be limited in a way, however, it does the job very well.

  • Veoble

As expected, torrent search engines vary in their functions and abilities. They all display search results. However, subtle details are what differentiates these websites from each other. Veoble, upon opening, shows a prominent search bar with a beautiful and friendly interface. What attracts you doesn’t end there when you dive in deeper.

One fantastic thing about Veoble is that it helps in filtering the search results, providing you with adequate and modified ones. With Veoble, you can choose to see results according to the dates of publication. If you prefer to see the most relevant or newly updated information, Veoble does the work for you.

  • Snowfl

Even though the name sounds a bit odd, Snowfl still offers an excellent and reliable search for users. With this search tool, there is less distraction, aside from ads that display occasionally. The home page is designed with a friendly interface and a search field at the top. Search results are displayed across the rest of the interface.

By using a custom Google search, Snowfl is targeted at other torrent websites and their content. Upon entering something in the search bar, a long list of result displays. As you’ll see, The Pirate Bay is often listed at the top of the search result. Perhaps, it is among the best websites out there.

  • Torrentz2

The name Torrentz2 was gotten from its initial search engine called Torrentz before it was updated. Despite the change of name and address, the new version quickly exceeds its predecessors. Presently, the search engine mentioned above indexes more than 61 million torrent files. Preferably, it is among the best that you can currently use.

The new version comes with an additional handy feature that allows you to visit famous and verified torrents. A glimpse of what to expect is showcased on the homepage, and it includes, movies, software, TV shows, music, and more.


Notably, the best search engines always come with a simple and attractive interface. Among this option is The nicely designed websites give you a great result of the search made, and you can scroll down to read any information of your choice.

The most helpful information is often located at the bottom of the page. It showcases different categories and subcategories. As such, you can be precise when searching for answers.

  • SolidTorrent

Next on our list is Solid Torrent. It is new and has rapidly attracted a vast number of people. This is as a result of the vital info it possesses. SolidTorrent offers on-point results before downloading any torrent, and it is accurate.

Interestingly, it also comes with a tagging system that helps you to associate related content quickly. P2P users can mark it problematic, helping torrent offer only full-working options.

  • TorrentSeeker

If your perception lies on a nicely designed website, then you should opt-in for TorrentSeeker. On the homepage, a prominent logo and search bar is displayed. Put down the name of the Torrent you wish to download and select your choice from the results.

One thing you should know about this search engine is that its reliability depends on all torrent repositories. It has a few more inclusion and operates a niche website as well, bringing you more than enough results. Unfortunately, the results are only filtered with relevance and dates.

How to Stay Safe While Torrenting

While surfing through Torrent search engines for torrent file downloads, safety should be your number one priority. You might want to consider spoofing your privacy.

How can this be done?

It is strongly recommended that you connect to a VPN to encrypt your connection, change your IP, and shield your device from penetration.

RitaVPN offers the best VPN services you ever require. With RitaVPN, your IP address is obfuscated thereby preventing ISPs or even the governments from snooping on your torrenting activities on the web. This ensures you can search for torrent files safely as it should be – open without attacks while conscious of your privacy.

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