Best Online Password Generator you should consider

Best Online Password Generator you should consider

There are so many things and places you should channel your energy. Figuring a secure password isn’t one. There is already much pain in describing how a secure password looks. A secure password should be of 16 characters at the least. Those characters must contain upper and lower case letters, symbols, and numbers. 

You may think you have a strong password already. Albeit having one strong password is also not secure. Just one successful phishing attack can get all your data to a hacker’s computer. 

There are many password generators you can download. All, with different security levels. For that reason, you can be confused with what one to consider. However, this article will inform you of the best password generator you should consider

Norton Identity Safe Password Generator

The Norton password generator by Symantec provides an efficient and free password generation. Also, it affords you selectable options for numbers, symbols, and letters to be included or excluded in your password. With this generator, you can have a password of 50 characters long. 

Additionally, this generator affords you a password manager experience. That is, it provides an optional software to save all generated passwords. You can access your saved passwords from any internet-enabled device. However, there is this notion that nothing beyond your reach is safe. I mean, saving your passwords on another software might just giving hackers a precise location to hack.

Overall, the Norton Identity Safe password generator is an incredible password generation software and a good pick.

Strong Random Password Generator

This password generator name describes what it does. That is, it generates strong passwords. Precisely, it allows you to select the length of your password. More so, you can choose capital or small letters, or a combination. Additionally, it provides symbols and numbers for a strongly secured password. 

An outstanding feature of this generator is that you can save generated passwords on your device. Unlike the Norton Identity Safe generator, this one does not keep your passwords online. Hence, if you feel what’s with you is safer than what’s not, this password generator is your best pick. Worthy of note is that you can export your saved passwords to other devices.

MSD Services Password Generator

Like every good password generator, this one affords you selectable options for Upper or Lower case letters. Also, it allows symbols and numbers. However, this generator offers a minimum of 10 characters and a maximum of 15. That will meet all password requirements, albeit, a 15 characters long password is low compared to the competition.

Furthermore, this generator neither saves your password on a database or your computer. As such, you will have to write down the password somewhere. Do not consider this unsafe yet. If you write down the password in a diary, no hacker can get there. More importantly, do not save your passwords on your computer. That is because everyone who can access your computer might find it there.

The Bitmill

This password generator offers you more than what you will ever need. Specifically, I speak of its 128 characters long password capacity. Furthermore, like other generators, it provides selectable options for lower and uppercase letters, symbols, or numbers.  

Also, it allows you to select from one or all options available. As such, your password may be only numbers, alphabets, or symbols. Furthermore, it does not save your password online or on your computer’s drive. 

Random Password Generator

As the name implies, this password generator randomly generates passwords for you. There are only two fields you are required to fill. Firstly, the number of characters for your password. Lastly, the number of passwords you want to generate. 

However, mistakable characters like 1 and I are not contained in generated passwords. That, to avoid confusion. Furthermore, you can generate up to 100 different passwords at a time. Overall, this password generator will not disappoint.

XKPasswd Password Generator

This password generator comes with a simple interface. Much more, it has options to select what you want in your password. From Uppercase, Lowercase, Numbers, Symbols, and Space. Most importantly, it offers a wide range of character length between 24 and 36 characters password to a long 100-plus character password.  One advantage of this password generator is that it uses characters that are familiar to you. Hence, more comfortable to remember. All in all, this password generator is an excellent pick.

TechZoom Password generator

The TechZoom generated password has two unique features. Accurately, they make your generated password in a credit card format. Because it will be easier to remember grouped characters than a single array of characters. Similar to other password generators, the TechZoom uses Upper and Lower case letters, numbers, or symbols. 

The other standout feature is that you can use only numbers. Hence, the combination will have an easy-to-recall credit card format. Lastly, this generator will not save your passwords on a database or your computer’s hard drive. 

SecureBlitz Strong Password Generator

One unique feature about this generator is that it generates a minimum of 16 characters password. That number of characters for a password will be difficult to decipher. Also, it’s easy-to-use interface is also worthy of note. Similar to other excellent password generators, this one offers you an option to select Uppercase or Lowercase letters. Additionally, numbers and symbols can be selected. Furthermore, this generator does not save your passwords online or on your computer. 

In conclusion, online privacy requires far more than strong passwords. If you want to mask your online activity, you need to make use of a VPN service provider such as RitaVPN. With RitaVPN, you are assured of fast speeds, strong online anonymity, and 100% guaranteed internet connection without hassles.

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