How to Speed up Torrent Downloads?

Speed up Torrent Downloads

Torrenting is a method that is used quite frequently in our life. Torrents have brought a lot of convenience to our life. Through torrents, we can get all kinds of resources from all over the world. When we download torrents, we are sure to encounter some issues which include slow torrent downloading speed. But there is always a way to solve the problem. How can we speed up torrent downloads? Keep on reading.

What to do if the download speed is not fast enough?

Generally speaking, everything you see via your computer that doesn’t belong to the local device is “downloaded”. In a narrow sense, people only consider operations that customize the local disk storage location of the downloaded files to be “downloads.” The opposite of download is upload. 

Torrenting is very popular among Internet users. You can go to the best torrent sites to download torrents.

However, it is annoying that your torrent downloads are slow. So, how to speed up torrent downloads. In this article, we will teach you 9 ways to download torrents fast and effectively.

  • Prioritize torrents downloads.

In fact, a lot of P2P file sharing programs set limitations on download speed in case you need to browse the Internet at the same time. Although it is convenient for users to surf the Internet while download torrents, it also slows down the download speed. If you don’t have relevant needs, you can prioritize torrent downloading in the settings of the P2P file sharing app. Then, you can enjoy a faster download speed.

  • Turn on download acceleration.

Some download managers and peer-to-peer file sharing software, such as Xunlei, allow users to accelerate the download. This is a feature that can be adjusted in the configuration. Once you turn on download acceleration, you are able to download torrents at a faster speed. Try to download torrents via some useful P2P file sharing tools.

Turn on download acceleration
  • Disable or limit upload.

Nowadays, torrent users are widely recommended to seed torrents. Seeding means leaving your torrent file open after you finish downloading. When you are downloading torrents, you are distributing it to others. If you keep on distributing this torrent to others after you have completed downloading, it would be helpful. But you need to upload files while seeding. This will affect your download speed. Now that you want to torrenting faster, you can limit the upload speed or even turn off upload. In this way, you can easily increase your download speed.

  • Close other download software.

Except for the download program you are using, all the other download software should be closed. You are doing this to stop other downloading processes from slowing down your torrent download speed. Some of you may wonder why you need to close all of them even if you are not downloading other files. That’s because there may be automatic file uploading in these download apps. You should try to avoid bandwidth being occupied in this condition.

  • Stop streaming videos.

Many torrents users enjoy watching videos while downloading a torrent. This will definitely have an impact on the torrent download speed. Bandwidth is the amount of data that can be transferred in a fixed amount of time. If stream videos online, your bandwidth will be partly occupied by video buffering. To download torrent fast, you should stop streaming videos on the Internet. Otherwise, your torrenting speed would be very slow. Or you can buffer a video first and then start torrent download.

Stop streaming videos
  • Wait for more users to seed the torrent.

Since the torrent you want to download may be seeded with low bandwidth, you can wait for more people to seed the torrent. The more seeds, the faster the torrent downloading. If there are a few peers in the swarm, you can download the torrent later. This is another effective way to speed up your torrent download speed.

  • Scan and remove the virus on your computer.

Sometimes, the slow download speed is caused by a computer virus. Maybe you haven’t encountered such a condition, you can’t exclude it. After all, you shouldn’t underestimate the destruction that could be caused by a virus. You can install a virus scanner on your computer to scan for any viruses on it. We recommend you to perform a virus scan by restarting your computer in the Safe Mode. If you have discovered a virus on your computer, you can remove it to speed up your download speed.

Scan and remove the virus
  • Get higher bandwidth.

I think you’ve already known that the bandwidth is the decisive factor that affects your download speed. Generally speaking, the maximum download speed you can reach is due to your bandwidth. If you have tried the above method and still get slow torrenting speed, you should think about increasing your bandwidth.

  • Connect to a VPN.

If your large file downloads are detected by your ISP and it throttles your bandwidth, you are not able to download torrents at a fast speed. To stop your ISP from throttling you, you need to connect to a VPN while downloading torrents. Besides, using a VPN service can also secure torrenting. Get started with RitaVPN now!

get RitaVPN

That’s all about “how to speed up torrent downloads”. Those who have a slow download speed can try the above methods.

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