Best Christmas Movies you should watch this Christmas Season

Best Christmas Movies you should watch this Christmas Season

The holiday is almost here and it another valued moment to spend time with your family or loved ones. Whether you are thinking of travelling to a remote destination or staying back at home, one of the many fun things to do together with your beloved ones is to catch fantastic Christmas movies together.

In as much as there are so many Christmas movies out there, it can get confusing on which to watch, especially on Netflix or Hulu which can be easily accessed through a VPN such as RitaVPN.

Not to worry, as in this post we have compiled the best Christmas movie that should be on your top list.

1. A Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish

This is a teen comedy musical film that was written and directed by Michelle Johnston. Starring Laura Marano as Kat Decker, who is an aspiring singer/songwriter with big dreams. However, she hopes for a Christmas miracle as her stepmother and stepsisters are mistreating her. As she picks up a job to pursue her dreams, she met a charming Santa starred by Gregg Sulkin as Dominic Wintergarden.

2. Holiday in the Wild

Get together with your family to watch this beautiful scripted movie of a woman, Kate, who ended her marriage with her husband. She goes onboard on a lonely second honeymoon in Africa. There, she met Derek, who is a pilot, together they rescue a baby elephant. While nurturing the elephant back to health, Kate realizes how much she loves her new ambiences and newfound love.

3. The Princess Switch

This rom-com movie is a refreshing movie, very suited for a family of all gender. Directed by Mike Rohl, this movie was featured by popular actress Vanessa Hudgens where she played a double role of been identified as a princess and an ordinary lady. A week before Christmas, the princess switches places with the average lady from Chicago and in their separate location, they each fall in love with each other’s beaus. Interestingly, there has been an announcement that there will be ‘Princess Switch 2’ so look forward to it.

4. Last Christmas

If you are a fan of Emilia Clarke, then you will surely love this movie where she acted as a homeless woman who was chased out by her flatmate. Working as an elf in a year-round Christmas shop ornament shop, she met a guy Tom, who was staring upward towards the shop, they met and talked. However, fate crosses their part again when she had an unsuccessful singing audition from there; they develop interest together. No matter where you are in the world, you can enjoy this movie online by using a trusted VPN like RitaVPN without restriction.

5. Noelle 

Catch one of Anna Kendrick movies, as she starred as Kris Kringle’s daughter. Being in a full Christmas essence, she wishes she could do something more “significant” like her beloved brother Nick, who will take over for their father on the coming Christmas. Nick is training to be Santa but is failing despondently. When the pressure is too much on Nick, he is about crumbling when Noelle suggests he take a break and get away to clear his head; unfortunately, he doesn’t return. What make the movie awesome are the twists in the plot with take-home messages.

6. The Knight Before Christmas

The Knight Before Christmas

Another Christmas movie featuring Vanessa Hudgens; after a magical sorceress transports medieval knight Sir Cole to present-day Ohio during the holiday season, he befriends Vanessa Hudgens showcased as Brooke. Brooke is an ingenious and kind science teacher who’s been disappointed by love previously. She assists Sir Cole to steer his way in the modern world and helps him realize how to accomplish his enigmatic one true quest, which is actually the only deed that will take him home.

7. Frozen 2

The truth is, your Christmas vacation won’t be complete if you don’t get to see an animation story; add a 3D animation story to have a perfect vacation with your family. After the storyline of Frozen 1 has gotten many amazed and swept with more expectations. Disney has decided to release a continuation of the movie to satisfy curious viewers. Interestingly, many are curious about what the second part of the movie hold. The movie was released on November 22 of this year, but we won’t be the spoiler, so grab this movie and enjoy it with your family.

Overcoming the possible restriction when streaming your favourite Christmas movies

One of the many obstacles many users face online when they are trying to view their favourite show is a geographical restriction from either Netflix, Hulu or a few other popular online movie streaming. Whether you are based in a country that is being restricted for one reason or you travelled with your family on Christmas to a location where this restriction is a thing, then you need a VPN.

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With RitaVPN, you can easily access Hulu, Netflix, Pure flix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Now, ShowTime and many other similar blocked websites fast and protected.

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