How can we use WhatsApp in QATAR with RitaVPN?

How can we use WhatsApp in QATAR with RitaVPN

Qatar is the most prominent country in the Middle East. All Qatari residents have easy access to the internet. But unfortunately, the internet is continuously monitored by the state. In the case of politics and current affairs, mostly Qatari people practice self-censorship. Several websites and Voice over IP (VoIP) apps are banned in Qatar. Millions of people are affected by this ban. People are affected more by the VoIP apps ban. Let’s discuss “What is VoIP?”

What is VoIP?

The VoIP, or the Voice over Internet Protocol, is a new technology system that converts voice into digital signals and allows you to make a call over the internet. It allows people to use the Internet as a transmission medium for sending voice data in packets. Vodafone and Ooredoo are two service providers (ISPs) in Qatar. It seems that both ISPs ban VoIP apps at the behest of the Qatar local government but it is not 100% crystal clear.

When the question was put before Ooredoo that “Why he had banned these apps”, the answer came:

“Quality assurance for calling using these apps is out of Ooredoo’s control. However, we can guarantee that the issues are not from Ooredoo Super net. Eid Mubarak.”

Some time ago, Qatar provided an official statement on the VoIP apps matter without specifying any app. The ICT-QATAR, or the Council for Information and Communications Technology Qatar stated that:

“VoIP is a technology for the delivery of voice services using existing internet infrastructure and services. There are no laws or rules that prohibit the use of such technology within the State of Qatar.”

WhatsApp ban in Qatar

Unfortunately, Qatar blocks WhatsApp which is the most popular Voice over IP (VoIP) app. This ban in Qatar affected millions of people. Travelers and local residents are unable to access WhatsApp. Many social WhatsApp groups closed down and suffered business losses. The WhatsApp’s curious people didn’t reach it even after thousands of attempts. Foreigners did also lose all contact with their loved ones. Qatari people were accustomed to using the WhatsApp so that’s why they were not happy with the ban. Not only the WhatsApp but many more apps have been banned like Skype, Viber, IMO and Facetime. The only solution to this problem is the use of a VPN service. But the most important part is to find the right VPN for VoIP banned apps so, in the next step, we will discuss “How to find the best VPN to unblock WhatsApp?”

Finding the Best VPN to unblock WhatsApp

Unfortunately, if you are Qatari resident then you have very few options to bypass local ISP’s limitation. VPN is one of these options. It encrypts your data with an advanced encryption algorithm and easily bypasses geo-blocked apps. With its advanced features, It is also used to unblock websites. More the virtual servers, more easily VPN can bypass the blocked content. If you are new users of VPN then it is very difficult for you to select the best VPN service. Not all VPNs are developed equally. So how do you know which VPN is best in terms of area? Which is the best VPN service in terms of geo-blocking? Which VPN is more preferable to bypass local ISP’s limitations? The most important question that will come in your mind is “Which is the best VPN service to use WhatsApp in Qatar?” Moreover, you can read our article “What are the important criteria in choosing a VPN?”. If we give optimize answers to all these questions then only RitaVPN is the key solution to overcome all these problems.

Unblock WhatsApp in Qatar using RitaVPN?

It is impossible to use WhatsApp in Qatar without a VPN. It provides a secure method to encrypt the data and reroutes your device’s internet traffic to a virtual location. You just have to connect VPN to the virtual server which is located outside of Qatar. For this reason, the new IP address is assigned to you, depending upon the location of the virtual servers. As a result, you escape Qatar ISP’s limitations and make WhatsApp calls easily.

We can tell you how to use RitaVPN android/iOS app to unblock WhatsApp calling in Qatar.

  1. Download RitaVPN from Google Play or Apple App Store
  2. Open the Application.
  3. Select a server location from the server list. The optimal node is free to use, while other nodes are only available to premium users. You can choose the “free trial” to use RitaVPN for free or pay for the VIP nodes.
  4. Click on the “Connect” button.   
  5. Wait until you are connected to a RitaVPN server.
  6. Your RitaVPN is working now. 
  7. Now you can easily make a free WhatsApp call from Qatar.

If you are looking for the best VPN that reliably works in Qatar, the RitaVPN is the best choice. This VPN service provider is totally safe and trustworthy.

You can totally rely on it without any worry. It provides several numbers of virtual servers and gives the best quality. We can summarize these features as:


The bandwidth of WhatsApp is heavier as compared to other VoIP apps. RitaVPN provides you optimize fast speed to give you high-quality WhatsApp calls. Because poor speed leads to poor call quality.

No log policy

RitaVPN cannot log your personal data like internet history and online traffic. In this way, all of your data including WhatsApp call is safe and secure. Using it gives you peace of mind that the RitaVPN provider itself is not logging your data. You can use WhatsApp without any worry.

Virtual servers

The quality of WhatsApp call is also depending upon the number of servers your VPN allows you to connect. Luckily, RitaVPN provides you a large number of virtual servers which reduce the burden of traffic on a single server. In this way, you will get a high-quality WhatsApp voice call by using RitaVPN.

Device compatibility

RitaVPN supports both android and iOS platforms so if you use any of the above platforms, then you can easily use WhatsApp in Qatar.

Traffic limitations

Many VPNs block different kinds of traffic like a torrent, VoIP services, and P2P downloads. RitaVPN allows you to surf any type of traffic so you can get easy access to any blocked content.

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