How to Unblock Viber with RitaVPN?

How to Unblock Viber with RitaVPN

In this post, we will show you how to unblock Viber with RitaVPN.

Some countries have specific rules and regulations on the usage of certain apps and software by their citizens. Not that these apps might be harmful to the users or causing any damages to the country; just that some government wants their citizens to use the local version of these apps for proper monitoring and online regulation.

One of the many apps out there that holds related regulation by some country’s government is Viber.

What is Viber?

Viber is a free mobile messaging service that facilitates users to make phone calls and send text messages across to other Viber users, deprived of any fee. Tel Aviv founded this messaging app in Israel in 2010. With this app, one can make virtual calls and can also do so with landed numbers for a certain fee.

This free mobile app that enables direct messaging and VoIP app is constructed in a way that makes it compatible and good enough to be run on several mobile operating systems. Viber users are not only restricted to chats and voice calls; they can also interchange audio files, files, images, and video to their loved ones using this platform that can be installed with just an easy click.

Countries that Blocked Viber

Certain states have prohibited the use of Viber for certain reasons. If you are living in certain countries like:

  • The UAE and Qatar
  • Oman
  • Egypt
  • Morocco
  • The Gambia
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Chad
  • Iran
  • And of course, China.

Know that there is a Viber restriction made in these countries. In some of these countries, the ban is temporary, while for some, it is a continuous regulation. Countries like Russia and South Korea have also threated to ban Viber in the past if there is no altering of the software. 

One significant reason that may have contributed to the ban of the use of Viber in these locations is that Viber has an end to end encryption security, which means that a third party cannot access data such as photos, messages, files or videos till it reaches to the receiver.

No doubts, most governments hate what they cannot control; and it is for security purposes of the country. Another good reason is for the promotion of their locally made service similar to Viber; an excellent example of that is WeChat.

How do you make use of Viber in a restricted Country?

If you reside in any one of the above-listed countries or you are a Viber user and want to visit those countries, there are specific ways to unblock Viber on your device. One popular and recommended way is through the use of a (Virtual Private Network) popularly known as a VPN. 

What a VPN does is to hide your IP location or address, which allows you to, without difficulty, bypass any government’s firewall of that country. It also encrypts your internet connection and traffic, which is sent and received; thus, no government or its agency can monitor your activities or even use them against you.

There are lots of VPN in the market today that promise to protect your online presence and give you the protection, but, some are not true to their words; this is why we recommend the use of RitaVPN.  

With RitaVPN, be sure to unblock and enjoy full access to Viber without any geographical restriction. You can enjoy the different locations with good speed connection, the privilege of switching to different servers, excellent technical support, and, most notably, it comes with an affordable fee.

With this, it brings us to the question of how do you unblock Viber with RitaVPN?  

How to Unblock Viber with RitaVPN?

To unblock Viber with RitaVPN, the process is as simple as you can imagine. The good thing about this VPN is that you can install it on several devices, be it Android, Windows, iPhone, and even macOS.

To begin, follow this process.

  • Head over to; you can either choose to pay or use the free trial to check out all that it entails.
  • Sign up on the website.
  • On the website, go to ‘price’ or to choose a payment package suitable for you. You can decide to make a monthly payment or a yearly payment. In the next seven days of payment and usage, unsatisfied customers can request for a refund when an annual fee is made. With this paid version, you will enjoy exclusive and premium benefits such as unlimited usage, no pop-up ads, support for all the device you chose to install it on, 24/7 general technical support, faster connection with no logs, and many more.
  • Upon payment, you can then choose the device to want to download and install your VPN. You should know that Viber is also compatible with various devices of all versions; installation can be done in either mobile, pc, or tablet.
  • Ensure that the device you are downloading and installing your VPN is the same device you would be installing your Viber.
  • In RitaVPN, choose a location or country that is not restricted from using Viber and connect to it.
  • Still connected to RitaVPN, head over to (if you will be using PC or laptop version) and click on ‘download’ or  to download the software.
  • On mobile, make sure you are connected to RitaVPN of the mobile version, which you can also install on Google play store. In the Google Play Store, on the search bar, type in ‘Viber’ to bring up the app. Then install.  
  • While still connected to the VPN, sign up in Viber, and enjoy.

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Note, in as much as we are encouraging you to use VPN to bypass government restriction on Viber; it is still best to know your local laws and regulations because, in some countries, the use of VPN is prohibited.

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