Top Movie Download Sites You Should Consider

Top Movie Download Sites You Should Consider

Several websites offer you tons of free movie downloads legally without having to worry about copyright infringement. Asides free movies, users can also watch favorite TV shows on most movie download sites.

With more Movie download sites springing up, you can enjoy several movies and TV series at your convenience without worrying about getting to the cinema late or missing out on a TV show.

I have carefully handpicked eight movie download sites that offer you tons of free movies and TV Contents, where you can download your favorite movies and TV shows.

Top Movie Download Sites

1. YouTube (for residents within the US)

YouTube is also one of the best sources of movie downloads. The US version of YouTube provides top movie contents e Legally Blonde, The Terminator, Flawless, Kung Fu Killer, IP Man, Zookeeper, Legally Blonde, etc. for free download.

YouTube (US) is geographically restricted. This means you cannot have access to the YouTube US version if you’re outside of the US. But using a VPN, you can access contents from YouTube (US) even when you are outside of the US.

As a movie lover and curator, I would recommend the use of RitaVPN To stream content from YouTube (US). RitaVPN uses dedicated movie streaming servers to offer you access to geographically blocked websites Like YouTube(US), Netflix US, Hulu, etc. when connected to a dedicated movie streaming server in the same country where such service is offered.

2. Antmovies

Antmovies is a relatively new movie download site where you can download the latest movies. On Antmovies, you find movies like the recently released Frozen II, Joker, The Lion King, Spider-Man: far from home, 21 bridges, Blue Story, Dark Phoenix, Avengers endgame, etc. You can also enjoy the latest TV shows like Euphoria, and Catherine the Great

If you are confused about the type of movies you want to download, you can use Antmovies’s suggestion feature, which suggests exciting films based on your chosen genre.

3. Retrovision

If you enjoy watching classic movies dating back to the ’50s, then, Retrovision is just for you.

Retrovision offers some of the best classic movie genres like Cartoons, Sci-Fi, Horror, War, Drama, Adventure, Comedy, and Crime. You can get classic movies like Evil Brain From Outer Space (1964), Beneath the 12th Mile Reef (1953), Dick Tracy vs. Cueball (1946).

Retrovision organizes its contents according to movie genres to make it easy for you to search for any movie of your choice.

4. Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle is a movie download site that offers you full-length movie streaming, TV shows, and lots more. It is also available on Android and iOS platforms, internet-enabled TVs Video games, etc.

Crackle from Sony has a simple and easy-to-use User Interface with several movies displayed on the home page for smooth and easy navigation.

Sign up for an account to enjoy several Genres of movies and TV shows such as Actions, Comedy, Thriller, Crime TV channel, and several original TV shows.

5. Open Culture

Open Culture is not just a movie streaming site where you can download several Oscar Award-winning movies. You can also access several free online courses and materials like free audiobooks, free textbooks, and ebooks, free language lessons, business courses, K-12 education, etc.

On Open Culture, you can watch any of their 1,150 movie collections, which cut across genres like documentaries, comedies, and dramas, martial arts, animations, etc. Also, Open Culture boasts of special movie collections of Oscar-winning Movies, Korean films,  and Andrei Tarkovsky and Charlie Chaplin movies.

6. Top Documentary Films

TDF is a documentary-based movie download site with several life-based movies to stream. As a lover of life-based documentaries, you can enjoy several of TDF’s over 3000 films and documentaries.

In addition, TDF has a simple UI with movies and documentaries categorized based on subjects such as war, crime, conflict, historical facts, and events, etc.

TDF has a forum that provides ratings for movies and documentaries, which is very useful in selecting documentaries to watch. You can also choose what to watch from TDF’s feature films and the top 100 list of movies and documentaries by TDF.

7. FZ movies

FZ movies is a movie streaming site that offers you movies, animes, and TV shows only from Hollywood and Bollywood collections.

It has an easy-to-use UI with Hollywood and Bollywood movies categorized based on genres and categories such as TV series, Animes, IMDB Top 250 movies, Oscars Winners, Famous Sequels, release date, Alpha, etc.

FZ movie collections are compressed and optimized for mobile viewing. Still, the annoying part of using FZ on mobile devices is that you have to wade through several layers of adverts to finally have access to download or stream your choice movie.

8. Pluto TV

If you’re a TV lover, Pluto TV is what you need. You can access more than 75 TV channels cut across several categories of TV services such as TV, News, Movies, Sports, Technology, Documentaries, etc.

Pluto TV is also available on mobile platforms like Android and iOS. Therefore, you can enjoy streaming straight to your smartphone without any hassles. Although some TV channels on Pluto TV are geographically restricted within the US, you can nevertheless stream contents from such TV channels by using a VPN service.

When connected to the internet via RitaVPN services, you have access to thousands of geo-restricted movies and TV channels on several platforms, including all Channels available on Pluto TV. So you do not have to worry about not being able to watch your favorite TV shows when you’re outside of the US.

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There are several movie sites to stream high-quality movies and TV series in the comfort of your home. However, some of the free online TV where you can stream contents are geographically locked. Hence, the need for a reliable VPN service like RitaVPN to access such geographically locked contents.

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