Quitting Google: Best Alternatives For All Google Services and Apps

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Quitting Google- Best Alternatives For All Google Services and Apps

No doubt, Google has one of the best technical services that have been useful for years. They stand aside when it comes to the evolving of products and services in the digital world and also contributes to privacy keeping with some of their products.

Over the years, Google set a business model that revolves around data collection and advertisements, both of which interrupt your privacy. For this reason, there is an increasing number of people that seek alternatives to Google products. Some prefer to use services that respect their privacy. As a result, they become skeptical about using Google alternatives.

Quitting Google: Understanding the various products and services

I hope you’re not the type of person that outlooks Google when it comes to service providing. If yes, you’re probably getting it all wrong. The aforementioned tech company has introduced various products and services to achieve different means. They have a wide range of accomplishments in the tech industry.

For this reason, I’ll introduce to you the best alternatives you can use for some Google services and products.

Best alternatives for Google Search

Using Google can be a bit disturbing when it comes to keeping your privacy. Your IP address is recorded whenever you use their search engine. If you’re bothered about using other search engines, then the ones in this discussion are nothing but the best.

  • Startpage: allows you to receive search engine results without having to track or record your private information.
  • Searx: a user-friendly search engine with full optimization.
  • MetaGer: this is an open-source metasearch engine with a good source and based in Germany.
  • SwissCows: a private search engine with zero tracking ability.
  • YaCy: an open-source that is decentralized with a peer-to-peer search engine.
  • Givero: has a better privacy policy than Google and combines a search engine with charitable donations.

Alternatives for Gmail

Gmail is convenient but has different reasons why you may consider leaving them. First is the problem of data collection. Your inbox collects data from your purchasing history and Google tracks them. They also have access to content on your inbox. Also, your inbox is used for marketing and Ads. Trust me you won’t find the process convenient until you start getting disturbing Ads often.

Also, note that Google can easily track your data when Gmail is logged in your device. You make it easier for them in the process of browsing through different websites that may be hosting Google analytics.

Here are some Gmail alternatives to help you handle email conversations:

  • Tutanota: has a free account of up to 1 GB. It is very secure and private and is based in Germany.
  • Mailfence: offers a free account up to 500 MB with tons of features.
  • Posteo: costs £1/month and comes with a 14 days refund window.
  • CounterMail: costs $4/month and comes with a 7 days free trial.
  • Mailbox.org: costs £1/month and offers a 30 days free trial.
  • ProtonMail: based in Switzerland offers a free account of up to 500 MB.
  • Thexyz: based in Canada and offers a free 30 days refund window, costing $1.95/month.

Best Google Chrome alternatives

Chrome is an awesome browser but also acts as a data collection tool. Recall that Google offers the best; however, users still feel the need to panic about their privacy as Chrome gathers up to 10,000 tracker cookies in a single week. The question now is – what are the best alternatives to replace this browser? Well, let’s look at some of them.

  • Firefox browser: This browser is very useful when it comes to securing your privacy. With its customized open source, you can even get access to more tweaks that give you more security.
  • GNU IceCat: More like a fork of Firefox.
  • Brave: A chromium-based browser that blocks ads and trackers by default.
  • Waterfox: A browser, configured for more privacy by default.
  • Tor browser: A secured Firefox fork that offers more privacy by default and runs on the Tor network.

Note: There are other available web browsers but here’s compiled information on the best ones.

Best Google Translate alternatives

Here’s a guide to the best replacements:

  • DeepL: a translator that allows you to upload up to 5,000 characters at a time with a pro version unlimited. It has a friendly interface and contains an in-built dictionary feature.
  • Linguee: unlike DeepL, it doesn’t allow you to post a large block of text. However, you get the best translations with context examples.

Best Google Analytics Alternatives

Website admins understand the reason for using alternatives for Google analytics. Other user-friendly software tools respect your visitors’ privacy.

  • Clicky: is a great tool to anonymize the IP address of your visitors. It is certified by Privacy shield, while also being fully compliant with GDPR.
  • AT Internet: is an analytical tool that has its inventory based in France. It is fully compliant with GDPR and stores all data on French-based servers.

Best Alternatives for Google Maps

Here are some Google map alternatives with similar characteristics:

  • Maps (F Droid) – uses OpenStreetMap data and can be used offline.
  • MapHup – places a restriction on location or IP address collection.
  • Here WeGo – offers the best mapping solutions for both mobile devices and PC users.
  • OsmAnd – an open-source map that uses OpenStreetMap and provides users with free access.

Best Alternatives for Google Domains

In the same vein, here are some Google Domains replacements:

  • Namecheap: a domain registration service that offers hosting, SSL, domain registration and other related services. All purchases come with free WhoisGuard protection for life.
  • Njalla: offers domain registration services based on privacy and accepts cryptocurrency.
  • OrangeWebsite: allows you to process anonymous domain registration and also accepts cryptocurrency.

On the other hand, Google has so many apps and products being utilized by potential users. The range of accomplishments is very wide. Other alternatives for Google products and services include:

  • Cryptpad: a free replacement for Google docs strong encryption.
  • Lychee: an open-source photo management platform.
  • APKMirror: a large application consisting of APK files uploaded by different users. It can serve as a replacement for Google Play Store.
  • Fruux: an open source calendar containing unique features.

Lastly, if you are looking for a VPN service to bypass all of Google’s location-based restrictions, RitaVPN is highly recommended for you. With RitaVPN, you can change your online location and access region-locked websites without censorship.

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