Why you should use third party video converters to download YouTube MP3 and MP4?

Why should use third party YouTube video converter to download MP3 and MP4

At present the world’s most popular Video Platform is YouTube. It does not show any retreat, it is only developing day by day. YouTube has millions of videos related to different types of categories. You have anything that you need on YouTube such as game toy videos, cooking videos, computer programming videos, movies, music videos, vlog, appointment, innovation videos, etc. And also, YouTube can be used as an “income path”. At present many, YouTubers earn revenues from YouTube as a full-time job. This trend is increasing these days among the people. Because of this possibility of earning money through YouTube, there is no-one who doesn’t know about YouTube. Although many need to download the videos on YouTube in the format that they prefer, YouTube Company has not given that facility. But if you want to download a YouTube video, you have to use a YouTube video converter. Today we are talking about this problem from this article. 

At present, there are many YouTube video converter websites are on the internet. Most people use these third-party websites to download YouTube videos from the file formats that they need. It has been confirmed by web researchers that many people focus on downloading songs as MP3 files. It is because of the inability of downloading Mp3 Mp4 file formats directly via YouTube.

How to download videos?

For this, you can use online websites and YouTube video downloading software. Although you use any of these options, we remind you that all these ways are against the YouTube policies and you should keep it in your mind. And also, do you know that they can track you whether you use online websites or software to download YouTube videos? If you want to avoid it, you can immediately change your IP address and location without allowing anyone to identify you, with the support of a VPN. It will hide your real IP address and replace an IP address of another country that you select.

Why YouTube Company does not allow downloading videos?

Google’s main source of income is the ads received by Google. They publish those ads on YouTube and other platforms. When someone is watching a video in the meantime the ad is displayed. But if YouTube allowed downloading and converting videos directly, they will be unable to display ads through YouTube. Another reason is copyright issues. And also, there are many other reasons. But they have given a feature that allows you to save YouTube videos for only 30 days in your YouTube account. But it does not fulfill your needs 100%.

Countries where you cannot access YouTube

Before you download YouTube videos by using a third-party method, you have to log in to YouTube and get the URL of the relevant video. But if the country you are trying to access YouTube has banned YouTube, then you cannot log in to YouTube. The following are some such countries that have blocked YouTube.  

  • China
  • Eritrea
  • Iran
  • North Korea
  • Sudan
  • Tajikistan
  • Turkmenistan and etc..

How to use YouTube anywhere?

The best solution is you can use a VPN service by installing the best VPN in your device. It hides your geolocation and IP address by providing you an alternative IP address and location. By using that you can access YouTube from anywhere. If you connect YouTube through a VPN before converting videos into MP3, MP4 or any other file format via a third-party online website, you can ensure your Internet security. For that, you should use a 100% trusted VPN service.  Through a VPN you can change your location to a region where you have access to YouTube.

What are the best third-party websites for downloading YouTube videos as MP3 or MP4 formats?

As mentioned above, you should get the help of a third-party web site to download the videos in the file formats as you need like MP3, MP4 or any other type from YouTube. But you should not forget to access those web sites through a VPN. Because some hackers victim the users through YouTube video converters to get sensitive data of them. At present hackers market the private data of a person to higher prices. They will use your private data for illegal purposes without knowing you. So, the use of a VPN is very important to be secured from such activities.

We introduce to you some websites that are most trusted and prevailing for a long time.

  1. onlinevideoconverter.com
  2. ytmp3.cc
  3. y2mate.com

By using these web sites, you can convert videos into any format that you like. And also, not only YouTube videos but also you can convert other social media videos.

Why use third party video converters instead of YouTube Premium?

If you want to use a YouTube Premium account, you have to do some payments monthly. And also, it has only the chance to download and watch YouTube videos only to your YouTube app. But it never allows you to download videos into your devices like MP3, MP4 or any other formats. Because of this, you have to use third-party websites.

Best benefits of YouTube Premium

1. Watch ad-free videos

You can watch millions of videos without the interruption of ads before and during a video. You may also not see third-party banner ads and search ads.

2. YouTube Originals

You can Watch YouTube Original series and movies from YouTube’s biggest creators at no extra cost when they are released.

3. Download videos to watch offline

If you are a YouTube premium member you can download the videos and they can be watched offline without login to the Internet.


We think that you got a good understanding of why you should use third party web sites to convert YouTube videos. And also, now you know that it is better for your privacy when converting videos through third-party websites or software. You can find out a VPN easily. But the RitaVPN is special among them. That is why we are recommending you RitaVPN.

  • 100% trustability
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Support many platforms
  • Use zero – log policy technology
  • Low cost
  • Satisfied service relevant to the payment

So, you can use RitaVPN as your VPN partner. It has become more competitively popular than other VPNs. And also, RitaVPN is a number one VPN service that always thinks about the privacy of the data of users other than anything.

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