9 Cybersecurity Predictions for 2020

9 Cybersecurity Predictions for 2020

Over the past decade, there have been lots of trends and happenings in the cybersecurity world. While hackers upgraded the game by launching more attacks and malware; the victims responded quickly by creating stronger passwords and backing up their data.

However, it’s not half the battle. Hundreds of actions will surely trend in cybersecurity in the coming years.

Here’s a prediction of what’s expected to trend this year in cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity Predictions for 2020

1. Individuals will be more aware of cybersecurity

Due to the losses suffered from nonchalance to cybersecurity, more individuals and businesses will start to learn about cybersecurity, and how they can keep safe.

Over the past year, more organizations are coming to learn about the importance of having an active cybersecurity team. Individuals, also begin to discover the importance of taking cybersecurity measures. More organizations insist on information security training for their workers.

It seems the trend is not something to depreciate in 2020; rather, it grows stronger with more people being exposed to the importance of stronger digital security and a virtual private network (VPN).

2. Financial and health services will get more cyber attacks

Services involving financial transactions and health-related services will get more attacks than other sectors in 2020.

Through 2019, health-related services are usually targeted for data breaches while financial services are familiar with phishing attempts.

Failing to set up adequate cybersecurity personnel will incur great losses for all types of businesses, but with special effects on organizations offering these services.

3. Phishing goes professional

During the past decade, attackers practice odd phishing attacks. This could be as detectable as sending a message asking the receivers to send their details, for a reward.

However, that will be gone with the past decade. With individuals getting more knowledgeable about cybersecurity, hackers will find a way to propagate their dying method.

In response to this, attackers will develop more sophisticated phishing methods, such as spear-phishing. Phishing will no longer be random spam message begging for information, but will rather be highly targeted attacks which will be based on collected information of users, and companies.

4. Ransomware attacks become more daring

In 2019, ransomware attacks were mainly targeted at individuals and small organizations with paltry demands.

However, recent trends show that it would no longer be the case in 2020. Instead, attackers will target large-scale companies and even the government. They do this with the thought that they would receive much higher pay, if only they targeted larger bodies.

However, studies have shown that the governments never pay any ransom when attacked, but it is a big profit when they do.

Despite this fact, cyber criminals may still hold the belief that they could get some proceeds from targeting the government and the attacks may increase this year – 2020.

5. A rise in demand for cybersecurity skills

In the past decade, organizations have suffered great losses from hackers, thereby realizing the importance of an efficient cybersecurity department.

However, the availability of cybersecurity experts is no match for the amounts of threats faced daily. To maintain a cyber-secure environment, there will be a need for more cybersecurity professionals.

This will lead to an increase in the number of cybersecurity professionals. Also, artificial intelligence will be integrated into cybersecurity, for speedy processes.

6. Hackers get smarter

With the noticed trends in 2019, hackers will tend to get smarter in 2020. Using a variety of methods to launch an attack, it will be difficult to keep safe without an expert.

They will also employ effective phishing techniques that make it increasingly difficult to beat. An example of hackers’ intelligence is a new ransomware attack recently discovered. The ransomware locks the victim’s files and demands for ransom as usual but offers a discount for sharing the malware.

For instance, the hackers might promise to unlock the affected files when the malware is shared with about five people. This continues passing the file around in a circular manner, making it increasingly impossible to beat.

7. More attacks targeted at mobile devices

More than 60% of internet users access the internet from a mobile device. There is no other time that could be described as the smartphone era.

Hackers understand this too, and begin shifting focus from desktop computers, and start getting at users’ sensitive information from their mobile devices.

Mobile devices are already a growing channel for fraudulent activity since the past year. This will potentially grow in 2020; this requires that users improve the security measures on their devices.

8. Improvement in cloud security

Most businesses are already migrating or backing up their data to the cloud. However, most cloud services lack secure encryption and authentication.

In 2020, many service providers will work on improving the security of their cloud services, to enable organizations to use them confidently.

9. VPN usage rates will increase

As people get smarter and try to bypass government restrictions, more people will gradually adopt the use of VPNs for private and organization use. One of the best virtual private network service providers you can count on is RitaVPN.

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All the predictions mentioned above should be expected in 2020. For digital security in 2020, it is evident that much work needs to be done. To keep up with what 2020 has to offer in terms of cybersecurity, creating strong passwords and using a VPN such as RitaVPN is very essential.

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