What is the best VPN for New Zealand?

What is the best VPN for New zealand

When you hear the name New Zealand, immediately what you remember is the New Zealand rugby team. Because they became the worlds’ number one rugby team. And they are very popular in cricket also. New Zealand has a wonderful climate and it is a very beautiful country. It has become a very popular traveling place for many travelers because of its environmental beauty. It has restricted for you to watch a sports program which is broadcasting in New Zealand by being in another country. Because those programs have made limited only to New Zealand’s location. And also, if you are a traveler you will need to use the internet for different purposes. Now it has become an easy way for you to connect and surf the internet through a VPN service if you are in New Zealand. Today we are going to discuss the best VPN service suitable for use in New Zealand.

Importance of using a VPN in New Zealand

New Zealand has not banned the internet like some other countries in the world. But they have provided good security for the people of their country and the tourists who come to travel in their country. An internet filtering system is maintaining by the Department of Internal Affairs of New Zealand. From that, they have banned some selected web sites. ISP market is controlled by 75% of Spark New Zealand and Vodafone and they voluntarily block porn and anti-social websites.

From a previous article, we mentioned to you that Canada is five eyes country. New Zealand is one of those. Apart from this United States, the United Kingdom and Australia are the remaining countries. They collect private data and use them for the security of their countries. But unauthorizedly accessing some one’s private data is not a morally good thing. Because of this reason you are specially needed the best VPN service in New Zealand. Because one’s privacy is personal to only himself. New Zealand’s copyright laws restrict unauthorized sharing and downloading of copyrighted materials such as video and music content. This reason is also a cause for you to use a VPN service. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) encapsulates your internet connection in a layer of encryption. It keeps your online activities safe from monitoring by your ISP and your government and hackers. If you are a traveler you will travel from place to place, then there you will connect to open Wi-Fi networks. But before you are connecting you should think about your internet privacy. Because there is a possibility for you to undergo a hacker threat.

Unblock all restricted content

Many people purchase a VPN to protect their privacy. But it a question that it is providing a 100% efficient and secure service. This article will provide you some information about the number one best VPN service. It will provide you an efficient and secured internet surfing service facility to use by being in that country or any other country.

The following are some other benefits of using a VPN service.

  1. To get access to the geographically restricted services such as BBC Eye player or Netflix US
  2. Gain access to the web sites which have been restricted by the government or ISP
  3. To access the television channels of Australia, New Zealand or channels all over the world.
  4. To use services which are limited only to New Zealand when you are spending a vacation there, you can unblock torrent sites like YTS or download on the pirate bay torrent.

How to be secured when communicating online with a VPN?

If you connect to the internet through public Wi-Fi networks, there is a risk of subjecting you to hacker attacks. Because of that, there is the capability of transferring your private data on to the hands of cybercriminals through public networks. And also connecting to public Wi-Fi opens you up to the threat of evil twin hotspots. Those are public Wi-Fi hotspots which have been set up by hackers in places where you would expect them to be – designed to fleece you of your data.

The Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) is what passes as the internal security arm of New Zealand. That fact alone makes it sound a little sinister and recalls images of the Soviet NKVD or similar dark agencies.

The scope of its work sounds innocent enough on paper. That is to defend the country’s national security through information collection and analysis. But as with many intelligence agencies, the GCSB has been known to work outside the law.

In May 2013 the government has reassigned GCSB laws and from that, it has given legal access to collect the private data of people. And it has allowed GCSB to transfer all those data to any government department. That means the government has legal access to take any private information of people at any time. By without considering protests raised by the organizations including New Zealand law implementing organization and human rights council and other different organizations, finally, the law was finalized and New Zealand became a potential police state.

VPNs have been banned in few countries like Iraq & North Korea which have cruel laws. In China & Russia VPN is only banned partially. Luckily in New Zealand, it is not banned. But should behave loyally. If you are downloading things that have publishing rights doing p2p activities, you are still bounded. So, to be protected from such things you must use a zero login VPN like RitaVPN.

Speed and stability connections

The normal broadband type of New Zealand is 87.47Mbps & it is not a much a problem with VPN. Therefore, high-class VPN providers should manage this numeric measure. RitaVPN has a good stable with this & therefore can give good service.


Do you want to keep safe your privacy from the government, access the banned web sites or the VPN service for New Zealand? Government Communication Security Bureau (GCSB) works with NSA. Also, it is supervised under the “Five Eyes” agreement. Therefore, if you are worried about your privacy you should think carefully. So that’s why we introduce RitaVPN as the best solution.

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