What is the best VPN for Canada?

What-is-the-best-VPN-fo- Canada

This article will be very useful not only for the people who are a permanent resident in Canada but also for the people who are willing to visit Canada. If you are within this country, you should be very careful about your data security and internet privacy.

Because the laws are strict within Canada regarding cybersecurity. The reasons are to avoid the support for terrorism through cyberspace, protect the public people from cybercriminals and also to be safe from cyberattacks. But many people think, maintaining this much strict law is a violation of human rights.

However, by using a VPN service you can get rid of all these critical problems. Even by staying in Canada you can browse safely anything you want by using the best VPN.

Do you know Canada is included in “Five Eyes”?

You may think about what is this “Five eyes”. Five eyes countries are a set of countries that have signed an agreement for violating privacy for transferring intellectual information. Canada is one of those countries. Now you can understand even you freely browse on the internet your privacy can be tracked by Canadian intellectual services at any time. But those countries have come to this agreement for the security of their own country.

The followings are the types of data that they track from you.

  • Internet browsing information of Canadians
  • Foreigners data of Canada
  • Details of the messages that trade-off
  • Details of online groups

The Canadian government has the authority to get this information directly from you. For all these types of issues, the best solution is to use a VPN service for your internet browsing activities in Canada.

Why you need a VPN in Canada?

In the present private information are very valuable. Therefore, millions of Canadians’ information are hacked by hackers and they sell their identity to others for a huge amount of money. The Canadian government also exchange personal information with the other countries that they have come to agreements earlier. If you need to get rid of these issues and browse the internet safely by protecting your privacy, you need to get the service form a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

Alarming trends propel VPN usage in Canada

Within the past few years, the Canadian government has enforced many laws that infringe on the online privacy of Canadian citizens. So, the usage of VPN services within Canada has increased rapidly.

  • Copyright Modernization Act – Bill C-11 –    To enforce copyright violation claims relative to songs, films and others, search engines and internet providers requires to retain logs of users
  • Antiterrorism Act 2015 – Bill C-51 –    The CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service) broad was given authority to hack and wiretap any device that connects to the internet  
  • Protecting Canadians from Online Crime Act  –   Authorities’ ability was expanded to monitor, record and track the online activities of Canadians. In other words, it is also known as the “Lawful access”  

Because of these acts, Canadians are getting used to VPN services. When considering the above-mentioned privacy policy issues, did you know that the best VPN to use in Canada with zero login policies is RitaVPN?

VPNs legal or not in Canada?

Most people use a VPN to protect their online transaction details and to protect private information in Canada. There is no legal restriction for using VPNs. Because there are millions of transactions happen per day in Canada. Many businessmen do their business through VPN service because it was started based on transactions.

The Canadian government also have widened the usage of VPN for business processes. When you are surfing the internet using a VPN, you must use a VPN with zero-logging policies. Because most of VPNs says that they have zero-logging policies but sometimes there is no such service on them. So, the VPN service must be more trustworthy. The Canadian government can compel the IPS provider to provide data to users if need. But if you use RitaVPN to surf the internet there will be no such issues, because RitaVPN is a 100% zero-logging policy VPN.

What are the significant features that you must know when using a VPN in Canada?

  • Privacy and anonymity

When considering the capability that the Canadian government has, to directly interfere with the personal data of individuals and to be protected from cybercriminals It is better to use a trustworthy VPN service when doing online activities in Canada. And also, the other important privilege of using a VPN is you can unblock websites that have banned for Canadians by keeping anonymity.

  • Speed and stability

In Canada the average speed of the internet is 100Mbps. The VPN providers must provide their service to adhere to this measurement.

Under the low latency connection, Canadian citizen could be able to fulfill their needs through the internet by websites, apps, tv programs, and such things

  • Security

For example, the real balance of an account should be known only to the user of that account. But when it comes to Canada it differs. Sometimes such type of personal data can be tracked by hackers. So, the use of a VPN is better when doing payments, transaction and other activities with your account to secure your data.

  • Geolocation spoofing

Another reason to use VPN services is geolocation spoofing. For example, Canada being a neighbour of the US, even cannot access the US restricted Netflix content. The proximity also gives fast access for US-based VPN services to stream Netflix for Canadians.

  • Support P2P

The number of efforts to crack down on file-sharing has increased because of copyright violations. The use of a VPN connection is a good idea for this purpose. But not all the VPN are better with P2P. There are some VPNs that support P2P.  RitaVPN is such a type of VPN service.

Why RitaVPN is Important for Canadians people?

Canadian citizens can have a big advantage of using RitaVPN because it doesn’t keep any login details on their servers like any other VPN servers. It has zero-logging policies. SO, there are no more issues with internet surfing for the Canadian people. This is the most important feature and many other reasons lead to the popularity of the RitaVPN. Accordingly, if you are looking forward to a VPN service to unblock the websites that have banned for Canada, then we recommend RitaVPN for you.

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You already know that you have to protect your privacy when you surfing on the internet in Canada. So, the only solution is to use the best VPN. Although there are many VPN services, according to the information that we mentioned above, the best VPN service with important features is RitaVPN. You can use RitaVPN on your Mobile phone or your PC and also on many other devices. According to the platform you want, you can download the RitaVPN. So RitaVPN becomes the best out of all the other VPN services in Canada.

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