How to avoid eavesdropping?


What is eavesdropping?

When a third-party or someone from outside tries to steal information transmitted over a network that is wired or wireless, then it is an eavesdropping attack. That information may be transmitted by a computer, smart-phone or any other device. Eavesdropping is also known as sniffing or snooping. When the security level of the network is poor while sending and receiving data, then there are more probabilities for eavesdropping attacks. It is difficult to identify these kinds of attacks because they do not affect the normal behavior of the network.

Special programs like sniffers are used by hackers to record the data transmitting throughout the networks. Hackers can analyze the encrypted data also by using specialized tools and simply they can discover the valuable data. VoIP calls also can be converted into audios.

Examples for Eavesdropping attacks

  • Most of the Android smart-phones became victims of an eavesdropping attack in May 2011. It was involving authentication tokens that were sent over unencrypted Wi-Fi networks. In that attack, eavesdroppers used a sniffing program called Wireshark. It was able to view, steal, modify and delete contact data, private calendar data and Picasa Web Album data.
  • About 25000 IOS apps were vulnerable to eavesdropping attacks in April 2015. It was due to a bug in an open-source code library called AFNetworking. It could take down HTTP encryption. Only a valid certificate was needed for attackers to change an encrypted SSL session involving one of the affected apps.

How public network users become easy victims of eavesdropping?

As eavesdropping attacks easily take advantage of poorly secured networks, public Wi-Fi networks are easy targets of them. Anyone who has the password with them can easily connect with the public network and can steal logging details and other valuable data of other users that transmit over the network by using free software. This is how Facebook accounts and email accounts of some people are hacked. So, the use of private networks is safer and there is less probability to become victims of these types of attacks.

What are the dangers of eavesdropping?

In present, there is a number of ways to exploit or steal information transmitting over a network.

  • Whenever your personal information is sent online, third parties can do identity theft. Once your personal information is with cybercriminals, they can commit crimes and put the responsibility and the blame on you. Then you will be helpless as victims of eavesdropping.
  • Can transfer money in your accounts to cybercriminals accounts or can purchase any items without the knowledge of the user of the account whenever the payment information is stolen.
  • There is a possibility of being blackmailed or emotionally leveraged for money if your sensitive user information is on the hand of cyber attackers.

Simply to damage you as much as possible within a private network as well as public networks, your information about user accounts and passwords can be stolen by eavesdropping attacks.

You must set security measures for each and every device that communicate over any network. Any device that has connected to a network is a point of weakness. Knowing about the devices that have connected to the network and knowing what software is installed on those devices is better to be protected from eavesdropping attacks.

What are the methods to avoid eavesdropping?

To protect the data transmitted throughout a network, the first step that should follow is to encrypt data. The meaning of this is the series of characters that are used to make up a piece of data is made unreadable to outsiders who are trying to steal data. The chance of accessing unauthorized data without a special cryptographic key or without the proper tools to decrypt it is minimized.

Installation of a trusted antivirus or anti-malware software is one way to get protection against network and other threats. Antiviruses are available not only for computers but also for mobile devices.

But installing a trusted VPN app is the best way to avoid eavesdropping. Use of a VPN (Virtual Private Network) while communicating will act as another layer of security on your devices. So, it will protect against the network and also from other threats while using both private and public connections.

What is the best VPN service to be protected from eavesdropping?

By considering the above-mentioned issue in network connections, you have to select a trustworthy and best performing VPN service. Here is the solution, the RitaVPN service. RitaVPN can be recommended as the best VPN to be secured from third party internet users who are attempting to steal the data and information from you. It will encrypt your data from the public and will act as an extra layer of security for the connections in your devices.


When you are communicating through the internet, there are possibilities of eavesdropping attacks. It is not easy to steal your information when you are on a private network. But whenever you are using a public connection it is very much easy for third parties to steal your information. The reason is public connections are not encrypted.

If someone is not believing about these kinds of attacks, then search for the apps that can monitor the activities of kids and also the apps that can be used for checking the activities of employees or tracking. There is a number of apps in the app store for these purposes. So now imagine how hackers can steal all your privacy. This is a critical condition. But for this issue also, there is a solution. That is a VPN service.

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A VPN can route your connection while you are on a private network and also can encrypt your data and hide your devices (computer, laptop, mobile phone) from the public. So, the use of a VPN will protect your data privacy. For this purpose, RitaVPN which is the best VPN can be used as a solution. Simply You can download and install the RitaVPN app and through the VPN you can continue your concoctions on the internet.

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