Best TV shows to watch on Netflix in December


December is the gifting month. Even the weather is not much good, how you can miss the episodic experience without watching Netflix. Most people are staying at home in cold December and Netflix is ready to provide the best TV shows for you. But there are restrictions for some countries on Netflix. Even though the situation is like that, still you can watch the best TV shows on Netflix by using a VPN. So you don’t need to worry about that, you will not miss any TV show or Film now.

What is exactly done by Netflix?

Mr. Reed Hastings and Mr. Marc Randolph founded Netflix in 1997. Netflix is leading a big contribution to provide TV shows and films and it is famous as an American media-service provider. There are no other subscription services in the world to watch your favorite TV series and movies on your devices other than Netflix. In the beginning, they provided their service by selling DVD and courier service. They widened their business in 2007. When it was 2016 more than 160 countries had access to Netflix.

The people who are willing to watch a huge amount of titles on Netflix are American customers. But they will never get the best value for money. The most cost-effective countries to watch Netflix in are Colombia, India, and Canada. That is due to the cheap price and the number of titles available for those countries. When it comes to US and UK customers, they are paying 15 or 5 percent more for a title than Colombian, Indian, and Canadian customers respectively.

Netflix is rich with user-friendly interfaces. There is an option known as a queue which is like a shopping cart. You can add any kind of content you like in this queue and view it. And also, there are movies and TV shows below the queue according to the genre.          

Best TV shows for December       

Now we will have a look at the best TV to be telecasted in December.

The Witcher (Season 1)

The most expected TV show on Netflix in December is the Witcher. Throughout the story, a monster like a hunter is on a journey to find out a better place in the world and he understands that humans are more terminating than the other animals.

V Wars (Season 1)

This is a thriller show that the scientist ” V wars” describing his best friend’s biography which describes the world going to huge combat between two parties of vampires.

Fuller House (Season 5)

This is the final season of this tv show, this story is dealing around newly engaged couple Stephany and Jimmie and their new baby.

Soundtrack (Season 1)

An emotional tv show, feel-good a romance that a bunch of teens having different love backgrounds, explores the music in their hearts and minds.

Lost in Space (Season 2)

The lost in space family, Dr. Smith and Don west to link back up with the resolute and other colonists. The situation goes wrong and the story is woven around this

Fast & Furious Spy Racers (Season 1)

Dominic Toretto’s younger cousin and others are scouted by a government agency to infiltrate a criminal organization. Show flaws within this process with fast running car scenes.

You (Season 2)

Joe on the prowl and laying low from an ex he doesn’t want anything to do with and there are a bigger story and crazier things in the show.

You can watch any of those above-mentioned TV shows through Netflix by being anywhere in the world. But for some countries, Netflix has blocked this service. In that case, you can unblock the Netflix website by using a VPN service.

Does Netflix Consume Too Much Data?

When you consider the data consumption, Netflix is very flexible. Below is a list of details about the data consumption of Netflix according to the video quality.

  • For low-quality videos, it consumes about 300 MB per hour
  • It consumes about 700 MB per hour for medium quality videos
  • For high-quality videos, it consumes about 3000MB on high definition and 7000 MB on Ultra high definition

What are the Subscription Charges?

  • Basic
  • Simple
  • Premium

You can watch Netflix only on one of your devices at a time by using the basic plan which costs about $8. So, the quality of your video will be standard.

 In this standard category, you can get access to watch Netflix on two devices at once by paying around $11.

And also, there is a premium plan that gives access to four devices at once. That is in ultrasound definition which costs about 13 dollars.

Why do you want VPN service to watch Netflix TV Shows?

Whenever you are having problems to access Netflix, you can easily connect to this famous streaming service by using the best VPN. Netflix will block the users are trying to access their library. By doing this Netflix will block their legal subscribers who use VPN to connect with Netflix inadvertently.


There is a huge pressure on Netflix from the movie studios to take action against the people who are trying to bypass the geolocational restrictions by using VPN services and also using SmartDNS. Because the people from outside can watch the US contents easily. So, the people in the countries where Netflix does not have the license to show their content also can watch Netflix.

Netflix’s Attempt to Block VPN IP Addresses

 As we explained above movie studios are not happy with these illegal users who access Netflix with VPN and they are claiming that the illegal users are costing them very badly.  Due to the force on Netflix by the movie studios, Netflix has taken several actions to block many ranges of VPN IP address. And also, It has made changes to its Android app to use google DNS by force. So, it will be difficult to use any other way to unblock location.

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Best way to access the Netflix

To access Netflix without any obstacle, definitely, you will have to use a VPN service. Even though Netflix has banned some VPN IP addresses, if you are using RitaVPN you don’t need to worry about accessing Netflix. RitaVPN IP addresses are fully facilitated in this process.

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