What is the Best VPN for Germany?

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What is the Best VPN for Germany?

A Virtual Private Network, abbreviated as VPN, helps to make your internet connection more secure. It helps to secure anonymity and helps you to access censored sites. It functions by lending you a temporary IP address and hides your real IP address from every email and websites you visit. It is “virtual” because it operates as though you have a direct private connection to any website or another computer you link to.

Besides, VPN is regarded as Private because all your online activity and website transactions are private between you and the sites you accessed. Also, it is a network because you are making use of a unique network of VPN servers that spreads across the entire world.

Why you need a VPN in Germany?

If you live in Germany, and you love to browse the web, you will need a VPN. In Germany, there is the Bundesnachrichtendienst (BDN). BDN is highly influential and works closely with agencies likes NSA in America and GCHQ in the UK.

Both of these countries wipe up user data from all over the globe and share it with several national security agencies such as the BND. You also have the case of online data retention. Although Germany has a robust data protection law, in 2015, data retention law was passed in Germany, which poses a threat to internet users in the country. 

In Germany, Data is only kept by ISPs for 10weeks, which is considerably better if compared to other nations like the United Kingdom, because the period is 12months. Be that as it may, this is a significant privacy concern, and also a security threat if that data enters into the wrong hands. 

Again, you must know that online copyright laws are also stringently implemented in Germany. This is a major concern for a notable number of internet users. It implies that those who run or download online content which might violate copyright laws may risk suffering judicial consequences.

Another cause many people use a VPN within Germany is the effect of Geo-restrictions. TV shows and English movies are famous in Germany, but the passage to online streaming services from the UK or the United States is often barred. This is a result of Geo-restrictions, which makes access from within Germany difficult. 

At the same time, the German language is primarily spoken in Germany; hence, German-language media is produced in the country, and many of those TV shows are also geo-restricted. So accessing German language content from other countries is difficult.

Blocked Websites in Germany

Germany being reputable for its staunch approach towards internet regulations has barred some websites from their cyberspace. Some of which includes:

  • If you live in Germany, you might not be able to access the following sites without a VPN. Internet services and sites such as Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, Crackle, HBO, and Texture cannot be accessed in Germany without the usage of a VPN.
  • Also, lots of regions in Germany have blocked IP addresses of websites that contain racist, Nazi, and xenophobic related information.
  • The German government has demanded that some companies censor their online content. Google Germany has barred many Nazi and White Nationalist websites. Additionally, some sites that disprove the reality of the holocaust have been deleted from Google search results.

Therefore, you must make use of a VPN service to access content from within Germany.

The best VPN for Germany

If you live in Germany, the best and safest VPN you can use to access the Internet is the RitaVPN.

RitaVPN is managed by Weikawen Technology Limited, which was established in 2017 in Hong Kong. The company’s major business is SD-WAN, specifically WAN optimization which covers online gaming, video chat, music streaming, video conference, online video streaming, and many others. 

Besides, RitaVPN is one of the excellent VPN service providers that guarantee the security and anonymity of online users. It is committed to encrypting your traffic and breaking VPN blocking. 

With RitaVPN, you are guaranteed of private and secure access to the internet without geo-restrictions. Moreover, RitaVPN takes users’ secrecy and anonymity as its priority. Hence, Germany residents can rely on RitaVPN to stay unknown and protected on the Internet.

Features of RitaVPN

For residents of Germany who will like to use the RitaVPN, you should consider some of its features, which includes :

  • Reliable encryption technologies for traffic data
  • Speedy installation and easy-to-use
  • No traffic logs indicate that it never records the users’ activity.
  • A single account can be used in various devices, including Mac, Android, Windows, and iOS.
  • Unblock well-known content streaming websites like HBO, Netflix, Hulu, and many others.
  • It is Torrent-friendly. You can download torrents fast, anonymously, and safely.
  • An intelligent server that automatically determines the fast server for you
  • Dedicated lines give bufferless streaming to users in particular areas. 

RitaVPN Servers

RitaVPN comes with four main servers that are available in most regions of the world. So, users can make a fast and protected Internet connection from anywhere in the globe.

Its four Main Servers includes the following:

  • The Frankfurt server in Germany which covers Europe
  • The Singapore server covers Southeast Asia
  • The Silicon Valley server in the United States serves North America
  • The Hong Kong server in China which covers East Asia

For other regions, there are dedicated servers that cover Indonesia/India to Singapore/Hong Kong and the Middle East to Germany/US. The Dedicated routes allow users in Indonesia, the Middle East, and India to access resources in Europe and the US without packet loss.

With just three steps, you can easily use RitaVPN:

  • Create your account by choosing a plan and make payment for it with your favored method of payment.
  • Download RitaVPN to your device. This will automatically pick the version that is compatible with the devices you are using
  • Then Install RitaVPN and start browsing safely on the Internet.

Lastly, if you want unrestricted access to contents from within Germany, RitaVPN is all that you require. With RitaVPN, you can access unlimited content and streaming services in Germany.

Melde dich jetzt bei RitaVPN !

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