Top Internet Safety Tips for Everyone in 2020

Top Internet Safety Tips For Everyone in 2020

The rapid increase in the number of internet users makes the internet an abode for cyber-related crimes.

Crossing into a new year, getting to know about some safety tips will be effective for reducing the rate of cybercrimes and internet related problems, thereby increasing online security.

Here are some online safety tips you should consider implementing in 2020, for a cyber-secure year.

Internet Safety Tips for Everyone in 2020

1. Use an Antivirus

Every day, hackers create different types of malware that may lead to loss of money or information. This trend continues in 2020 and may not stop anytime soon, driving the need for the installation of effective antivirus programs on every computer.

Antivirus software does the job of protecting a computer from malware. When this is done, the user is saved from losses. Also, antivirus software should be equipped with internet filtering to ensure maximum internet security.

Choosing a good antivirus software requires lots of research, else a wrong option is chosen. It is advisable to go for the big names in the market though.

2. Use strong and well-managed passwords

Passwords are going nowhere in 2020, so there is still a need for strong, and well-managed passwords. Also, a password should not be used on multiple sites for safety.

Generating and memorizing secure passwords may be burdensome for a normal human. However, password generators can help generate strong passwords while password managers could help store the passwords for later use.

While choosing a password manager for 2020, a great password manager that does not store users’ information should be favored.

3. Enable Two-Factor Authentication on all Accounts

Two-factor authentication (2FA) adds an extra layer of security to online accounts. 2FA usually requires the users to enter a one-time password texted to their mobile number. It becomes helpful when hackers gain access to a user’s account and password.

Most social media, emails, and banks already provide support for 2FA, and when available, it should be used always. It usually takes seconds to get pass a 2FA test, but it could help keep away hackers forever.

4. Be careful on social media

The social media is known for cybercrimes, and over the past decade, there has been a lot of reported information leakage associated with social media usage.

Oversharing information on social media should be avoided. Also, friend requests should be selectively accepted. Thoroughly scanning links before clicking ensures one doesn’t land on malware or fall victim to cybercrimes. In 2020, more care should be taken with social media behavior to ensure internet safety.

5. Do not share location

Sharing live locations online was a trend that must be stopped in 2020. Most people innocently share their locations every time, not knowing they are selling it off to advertisers for free.

On a more serious note, robbers might gather as much information as they need from just a location, and a caption. Therefore, you should be careful when sharing your live location.

6. Be wary of emails

Email is unarguably the biggest source of cyber attacks. When care is not taken about emails, one could easily fall for a phishing attack, which usually leads to loss of information or financial assets.

Never click any links, in suspicious emails, especially when unsolicited. Emails should be carefully studied to ensure they are genuine, and from the right source.

For more security, a VPN service like RitaVPN should be used to encrypt emails. Using a securely encrypted email service provider should be considered in 2020.

7. Always log out

Lastly, log out. Logging out of all online accounts can prevent intruders from accessing your information.

It becomes necessary to log out if the connection was made over an unsecured connection, such as a public Wi-Fi, or a friend’s device.

In addition to logging out, cookies should be deleted for maximum security.

8. Invest in a good VPN

For anyone who values internet security, using a VPN is a necessity. Anyone not using a VPN in 2020 is exposed to a lot of risks on the internet.

A VPN secures the internet connection and takes all information through a secure protocol. This ensures internet security and privacy.

What VPN should be used in 2020?

A lot of VPNs are out there, but the fact is, most VPN providers do not do what a VPN is meant to do. Some are inevitably slow and may be blocked in many locations. Sometimes, VPN providers collect the users’ information and sell it to advertisers.

To avoid these risks, RitaVPN should be adopted in 2020. RitaVPN is a secure VPN service, proven to be the best amongst its competitors.

RitaVPN has a content unlocking feature that enables a user to access contents locked geographically. It creates an encrypted connection between the users’ computer and the websites visited, keeping information safe from any third parties.

RitaVPN is supported on Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows.


Doing all the above may be burdensome, but losing personal information and assets to online predators is even more disturbing. Therefore, for a cyber-secure year, completing all the above is imperative.

Also, never forget to use RitaVPN on all devices; you don’t have to pay for separate subscriptions as one RitaVPN subscription can be utilized on up to four devices at a time. Not to mention the benefits of complete online anonymity which you get by subscribing for any of its premium plans.

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