Most Secure Online Payment Processor

Most Secure Online Payment Processor

Nowadays, people do not need to always pay in hard currencies whenever they want to purchase goods and services. Online payment processors make it easy for people to make payments online using their credit cards and digital currencies. Currently, there are a lot of online payment processors available and one thing to consider when using these platforms is security.

How secure is the platform? This is a very important question to ask to avoid being a victim of fraud. Security should always be your number one priority when making any payment online. You enter the details of your credit cards on these sites including card number, expiry date, PIN, and CVV. Supposing this information gets into the wrong hands, all the money in your bank account can be removed in seconds.

Therefore, you should be mindful when selecting an online payment processor to use. In this article, some of the most secure online payment processors are listed; on these platforms, you can be assured that your payment details won’t be compromised. 

Most Secure Online Payment Processors

1. is an online payment processing platform founded by the popular credit card brand – VISA. This platform was founded in 1996 and is based in the United States. Sellers can use it to receive payment for goods and services via credit cards and e-check payments. Customers pay via any of the two stated means. 

For many, is regarded as the most secure online payment processor. The platform makes use of Transport Layer Security (TLS) technology to encrypt information. 

2. Google Pay

Google Pay was founded by Google LLC – a company that needs no introduction. The platform is used and preferred by many businesses because it is fast and simple to use. It connects with Google accounts and since almost everyone has a Google account, anyone can make use of Google Pay with ease.

Payment information supplied on Google Pay is securely stored and free from risk and fraud. When this information is to be shared with merchants, an encrypted number is used. 

3. PayPal

Available in more than 200 countries worldwide, PayPal is the most popular online payment processor in the world. PayPal lets people send and receive money across the internet and it also serves as an e-wallet where people can store money digitally. 

PayPal is not just popular, it is also secure. The platforms provide extra security layers for both buyers and sellers. Transactions carried out on the platform are encrypted and monitored 24/7 to avoid fraud. Also, payment information provided by buyers cannot be accessed by sellers.

4. Amazon Pay

Amazon is a popular online shopping platform and it is only normal that they have their payment processor. The platform is fast and easy to use. It is ideal for Amazon customers because it is integrated with Amazon accounts so they do not have to supply their payment details again.

The platform provides privacy and security to all users; keeping them free from internet scams and phishing. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Security Layer (TLS) protocols are implemented on the platform. 

5. Stripe

Founded in 2009, Stripe is an online payment processing platform used by so many for years. It is more than an online payment processor, it features other tools for online businesses like the card management toolkit and sigma for business analytics.  

With PCI-certification, the platform is one to rely on in terms of security. Stripe features a Radar technology that uses ML (machine language) to detect and protect against fraudulent activities on the platform. 

6. Dwolla

Though available in the United States alone, Dwolla is one of the most secure online payment processors. The platform is used to carry out bank transfers and electronic payments in an easy and safe way. It is used by many top brands in the US. 

A lot of security measures are taken to keep the Dwolla platform secure. The platform partners with AWS and Cloudfare; also, it uses OAuth authentication to protect sensitive information. 

7. 2Checkout

2Checkout is an international payment gateway that lets merchants receive payments from customers around the world. It was founded in 2006 and has the backing of the popular American tech private firm – Francisco Partners. It accepts payment via many credit cards and also via other online payment processors.

With a multi-tier defense strategy and anti-fraud mechanisms, 2Checkout protects all their customers against fraud. It is a PCI DSS certified platform and also GDPR certified so it is a trusted payment processor.  

8. Skrill

Skrill is a platform for money transfers and online payments. Owned by Skrill Limited, the platform supports payments and transfers in about 40 fiat currencies. Skrill also allows customers to buy and sell cryptocurrency like the Bitcoin and Ethereum using fiat currency; it is a unique payment platform. 

Skrill is a safe platform; it encrypts sensitive information using Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards. There is an active anti-fraud team that monitors the platform to avoid fraudulent transactions. It features two-factor authentication security to further protect users. 


The payment processors mentioned above do their best to keep online payments secure by implementing top-notch security technologies and standards. However, you can protect and secure your online payments yourself by making use of a VPN.

In this regard, it is recommended that you make use of RitaVPN. The VPN protects your online privacy with strong encryption so your sensitive information is not stolen when you visit any of these payment platforms. 

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