Using a VPN and change your location in Google and Google Play

Using a VPN and change your location in Google and Google Play

Most people think why VPN is essential for everything. They probably do not know the value of a VPN. It allows us to log in any restricted network & does big service while browsing on the internet securely. As “safety first “, when you are surfing on the internet you have to think about your privacy carefully. If not so ISP or hackers could recognize you and take your data. To prevent that, VPN is the best & suitable option you can get.

If you are an Android phone user, already know that there is a Google play option on your phone. Have you ever changed your location or changed your country? Today we are going to talk about how to change location in google play using a VPN.

You may like to watch the news about another country. When you search for something, only the information regarded to your geolocation will be obtained. But to obtain whole the information you need, you have to use a digital change of location.

What you have to do to install apps which are not open for your region in Play Store?

If any app, tool or a game cannot be installed in your device due to your location, you just need to change your location & login through any other country. Then you can install what you were needed.

The method to change the country on Google play

Though there are hundreds of methods to change your country’s location or area, those methods are not matching for everyone. Some tricks just work only for the country or region. Therefore, we are going to discuss one method that works for everyone.

If you are a tourist, your best solution is changing IP. For that, you need to get the help of a VPN.

How can you access google play account properly?

First, you have to install a proper VPN for your device. Therefore, we recommend that RitaVPN is the best VPN for you as you can get much more profit than other VPN services.

Before using a VPN, you have to consider speed, security, reliability, network size & customer support like things. RitaVPN has all those qualities & it is a good user base & has good VPN technology.  

What are the qualities that a VPN should have?

Geo Blocks

  • Should have the ability to bypass geo-blocks as you wish.


  • Trustworthy networking & high-speed downloading ability.

Server locations

  • Offer high-quality servers around the world.

Different platforms

  • Ability to support for the major platforms.

RitaVPN offers you a chance for free trails and certifies paying back. So, you can check if the VPN machetes or not.

Clear cache on Google Play Store App
  • Select an IP of a country that you hope to log in through your installed VPN.
  • Then go to your device’s settings & open ‘apps’.
  • Then all your apps in the device will appear in the display. Select & open Google Play Store app from them.
  • Click the force stop button on it. Clear cache &data in storage or clear data.

This is not erasing any data in your device or profile. It is rearranging Play-Store & the next time you open the app, your country will be updated.

Open Google Play app & install new apps

When you open the Google Play Store if the type of currency that is mentioned next to paid apps has changed to the currency of the country you have chosen, then you are ready to go.

If you cannot see the change, you have to change your location manually.

1. See whether the VPN is connected with a server. If not, select any country & connect.

2. Open Google Play Store

3. Click the three short lines on the top left corner.

4. Then the Account tab will appear below.

5. Then click the preference tab & then countries and profiles will appear below.

6. There is the option to switch to the country where you are browsing using the VPN.

7. You will need to enter a credit or debit card to change your google play. But you can pass it now.

8. Then click continue.

 You can update the country of your Google Play Store account.

What are the various versions of Google Play?

There are unique versions abstracted for countries and regions. When you change the country of your Google Play Store, the Play Store of that related country will appear. Below are some countries which have abstracted google play versions.

  • USA
  • UK
  • France
  • Germany
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Spain
  • Japan
  • Italy
  • Russia
  • etc……

What would google think about your location whenever you have changed the country by using a VPN service?

To see it real you have just one simple thing to do.

Install a VPN app, log in to any server of any country, open your web browser & login to Then you can see the google search page of your selected country.

From this, you can see that countries have been changed.


We discussed a common problem that many people have faced, throughout this article. Now you may understand how much use a VPN is. Not only for Google Play Store but also any activity is done on the internet, VPN is very helpful. But it must be the best VPN & therefore we recommend that RitaVPN is the best VPN for you.

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