How to Unblock Google Products in China?

How to unblock google products in china

Access to Google and its products may not be denied to most people worldwide. However, China is known for its strict internet censorship. With the aid of the Great Firewall of China, the Chinese government denied its citizens access to Google products in mainland China.

The good news is, there is a way to unblock the government censorship and access blocked websites in China. Using sophisticated technology, access to Google products in China is possible. Firstly, it is important to know what Google products are blocked in China.

Google Products Blocked in China

Many do not know the blocked Google products. Before continuing, it’s important to shed some light on the blocked Google products.

The following are the Google products and services that are inaccessible, or heavily censored in China.

  • Google Search (text and voice)
  • Google Maps
  • YouTube
  • Google Images
  • Google Mail (Gmail)
  • G Suite
  • Google Drive
  • Google APIs
  • Google Sites
  • Google Play
  • Blogspot
  • Google+
  • Google Hangouts

What a weird place the internet would be without these services. Truth is, it would be miserable for a regular internet user with previous access to these services to suddenly lose access.

Think, what if you had to travel to China, is there any way to access these blocked services?

The simple answer is “YES.” You could use all these products and even gain access to more blocked content in China. However, there is a trick to this, and the trick is what this article is teaching.

How to Access Google Products in China?

Since Google, and its numerous blocked services are all accessible in China, the question is, how do you access them?

To access Google services in China, there are some things you need to put in place.

Two things must be available before you think of accessing Google products in China, and they are as follows.

1. Active internet connection

Finding an internet connection in China might not be as easy as it seems. The most common ways by which you could access the internet in China are.

Through Wi-Fi: It’s not so difficult to find a Wi-Fi connection in China, especially if you’re in one of the larger cities. However, it becomes progressively harder to find Wi-Fi as you get further inland. Using Wi-Fi in China might also require the ownership of a working Chinese telephone number, as you’ll have to receive a text PIN.

Roaming: This is the most preferred way of accessing the internet in China. If you’re not staying in China for a long time, you might arrange for data and talk time to use it in China while you get billed daily.

Chinese SIM card: If you’ll stay longer, it is advisable to get a Chinese SIM card. Once you get a SIM card, you get access to the internet at unbelievably cheap rates, –far cheaper than roaming. You’ll need your passport to register though!

2. Virtual Private Network(VPN)

To access the blocked Google services in China, you should set up a VPN before getting to China. Setting up a VPN in China might be a daunting task, as websites may be hardly accessible. If you wonder what a VPN is, here is a quick explanation.

A VPN (a virtual private network) is a network through which your information is channeled through before getting to the website server. The information channeled through a VPN is encrypted, and the user IP address is replaced with an IP from a different location. This way, websites visited and internet service providers think the traffic is from the location of the server IP.

What is the Best VPN for China?

As already explained, a VPN creates an encrypted connection between the user and the internet.

By encrypting your connection and masking your IP address, you become anonymous on the internet and the Great Firewall of China preventing your access to the Google products won’t know what website you’re visiting.

Before choosing a VPN, a lot of factors must be put into consideration.

A VPN network must be speedy and encrypted with the strongest encryption protocols. It is also important to choose a VPN with numerous servers so you never get locked out.

The provider’s logging policy should be noted as well. It is important to choose a VPN with a no-logs policy to make sure you’re information is safe.

Avoid free VPNs!

From experience and features, the best VPN for accessing Google products in China is RitaVPN.

Why RitaVPN?

RitaVPN is a feature-packed VPN service to try out in China. While safe from Chinese censorship, it provides a lot of advanced features, such as;

  • Seamless integration with up to four devices

So you need an internet connection on your phone and your laptop. With RitaVPN, you don’t need to buy two subscriptions. Instead, you buy a subscription which you can use on up to four different devices.

  • High compatibility

RitaVPN works on all of the major operating systems. There are apps for Android, Windows, Mac, and iOS. This means you stay connected on any device!

  • High Speeds

RitaVPN’s servers are very speedy. Unlike many VPNs, you don’t have to worry about loading a video, RitaVPN streams Netflix and other heavy video services without any issues.

  • Technical Support

Encountered any problems using RitaVPN? Real humans are always active and waiting to solve your problem.

With as low as $5.4 per month, you get access to all RitaVPN’s amazing features (billed yearly). Plans billed monthly and every three months exist for users not willing to buy as much.


When in China, accessing some essential Google products such as Google Search, Gmail, YouTube, etc. can be extremely challenging. RitaVPN makes it easy to bypass geo-location blocking to easily access Google products in China.

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With RitaVPN, you can virtually overcome the Great Firewall of China without hassles thereby gaining access to all Google products and the open internet.

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