What is the best VPN for the Philippines?

What is the best VPN for Philippines

Philippine is a beautiful state surrounded by islands. Many choose the Philippine for the tour. Philippine consists of more than 7,000 islands, making it one of the largest archipelagos in the world. Its beautiful nature, amazing coral reefs, and spectacular scenery also make it a popular tourist destination. In previous articles, we discussed what is the best VPN for Canada, the US, Vietnam, India & South Korea and here we are going to tell what is the best VPN for the Philippines. We think this article very useful to you. 

Conquer the Geo-block

Still, while you’re busy posting snaps of yourself on a pristine seaside, you have to make sure you’re included with considered one of our first-rate VPN for the Philippines picks. A VPN will now not just keep you safe from online dangers, it’ll also help you get beyond restrictions, which includes geo-blocks. For instance, some streaming services and web sites are restricted just for some countries. A VPN will support you get the right of entry to them by means of spoofing your place, making it look like you’re actually in that country.

Cybercrime Prevention Act in the Philippines

Since the passing of the Cybercrime Prevention Act in the Philippines in 2012, the authority’s surveillance has expanded. That is if someone discovered defaming a person on-line will face results via a hefty number of fines. To absolutely cover your IP from the authorities, you need a Virtual Private Network or a VPN. Another purpose why you want a VPN is to access the overseas websites and contents which have blocked to your country or to unblock Philippines’ content material from outdoor

Online Censorship in the Philippines

Filipinos are free to use social media and other communication apps and also free to use the internet as their wish. The only pornographic contents are restricted, which the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) has ordered the internet service providers (ISPs) to block.

The Philippine National Police (PNP) has requested to shut down mobile services when there is a major event and it has been approved by NTC. That means all the phone calls, messages and use of mobile data would be impossible when there is such an event. There was a discussion that it would restrict people’s right to communicating and called for a clearer policy by Critics.

Websites that have infringed on copyrights are blocked by ISPS. So, your favorite torrent downloading sites will be blocked. It is important to know that the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012 has prohibited piracy. If you are caught, you will get a prison sentence.

Browse Anonymously with A VPN

By using a VPN service, you can browse safely by protecting your privacy. Then You don’t want to worry whether the government is monitoring your activities. Normally your device has assigned a unique IP address whenever you are browsing through the internet. That IP address id traceable to you. Because of that, any third party can track anything you are doing online. It may be by your government or ISP.

By installing a VPN, what you are doing is, applying a layer of extra security to your device that will encrypt all your data sending through the internet. There is a server for all the VPN providers which is located somewhere else in the world and all the encrypted data will be sent to that server. Then your encrypted data will be decrypted and your device will be assigned to a new IP address, at that server. That IP address will be given corresponding to the server. Then the decrypted data will be sent back.

Even though you have changed your IP address by using a VPN, you will not feel any difference when browsing. The only difference is your actual IP address is hidden from the outsiders and anyone cannot track your online activities. Due to data encryption by the VPN no one is able to monitor the sites you are visiting, files you are downloading and also the messages you are sending. Even the IPS or government cannot do it. So, you can freely surf the internet.

What are the significant features to be considered when selecting a VPN service for Philippine?

VPNs are very useful for Philippine. But whenever you are searching for a VPN service you will see that there is a number of VPN providers. Out of them, you have to select the best one to keep yourself safe when communicating online, in a country like Philippine. Then can you choose the best one that satisfies your needs? For that, we are recommending some factors to consider.

  • Security – To select a trustworthy VPN service, you have to consider about the encryption of it. If the VPN uses strong encryption, then it has a security of a high level. So, you can ensure any third party can to track you while browsing.
  • The network of servers – By selecting a VPN with the number of servers distrusted around the world, you can find a server that fulfills your needs easily.
  • Zero-logging policy – If the VPN provider is keeping the logging details of users, then the users are not safe.  This zero-logging policy is very important because if the VPN provider keeps the logging details of the users, any third party can take those details even by force. So, when you are selecting a VPN for Philippine, you must select one with a zero-logging policy.
  • Connection speeds – For easy usage of the internet, a VPN connection with high speed is essential. It should not slow down and make it tedious to use the internet.

So, we can recommend RitaVPN as the best VPN that meets all the above significant features.

Cybercrime in the Philippines

Philippine is one of the countries in Southeast Asia and the 10th highest country in the world that is faced with cyber-attacks more frequently. That means it is at the top of the cyber-attacks’ targets. For such cyber-attacks, Malwares are a significant reason. But if you are using public Wi-Fi it is essential to use a VPN service.  

Benefits of using a VPN for the Philippines

By using a VPN, you can hide your identity while browsing on the internet. If the VPN provider is also not keeping the logs of the users the authorities cannot take the records of online communication from the VPN providers, even by force. So, when selecting a VPN service, you have to consider about the zero-logging policy.

And also, when someone who is outside the Philippines and wants to access the contents that have restricted to Philippine, then they have to use a Filipino IP address. If the VPN provider has the number of servers distributed around the world, it is easy to get a Filipino IP address from a server located in the Philippine.

Whenever you want to watch Netflix, by using a VPN service you can watch all the contents that have restricted to various countries, even for Philippine.

So, by using a VPN service like Rita VPN you can have all these benefits.

How to Use Your VPN in the Philippines?

While you are in the Philippine borders, you have to follow the below steps to keep yourself safe when doing your online activities.

  • Subscribe the best VPN that can fulfill your needs. (Our recommendation is RitaVPN.)
  • Install the VPN app on your devices.
  • Log into the VPN service by creating an account.
  • Select a VPN server that meets your requirement and then connect to it.
  • Enjoy your online activities freely.

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We have recommended the best VPN for the Philippines that will let you help with your online privacy and gives you access to any website from anywhere. We recommend that RitaVPN is the best VPN for you. Experience the difference in installing the RitaVPN with aforesaid whole factors or without.

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