What is the best VPN for use in Singapore?

Best VPN for use in Singapore

Singapore, located just below Malaysia is a great and super clean place. The historic Chinatown district is one such place in Singapore that is well-known. Hence, exposes the place to the likes of individuals, even from far locations. Behind all these is an online world that processes a lot, one would be wise to use a VPN service while on the internet.

After long hours of work, there’s no blaming you for choosing to watch your favourite Netflix binge. Or still, access websites and content that is needed to put you in a relaxation mode. But, do you know that it’s not as easy as said? Sooner, you will figure out that there’s only one Netflix program available, and that is the Netflix Binge.

Reasons for this occurrence are geoblocks. It’s not a big deal to bypass these things. However, you may come across other restrictions which you could simply avoid by using a Virtual Private Network.

Singapore Censorship

Some countries put dominance on the internet for one reason or the other, especially Singapore. Regardless of the Internet Content Regulation introduced in 1996, the Singapore government continues the motive of controlling some aspects of the internet. For example, blocked and filtered content. Hence, websites containing pornography and gambling fall under this category.

In this very location, accessing torrent websites is impossible, but not with a VPN. The reason for this blockage is because the high court has proclaimed to ISPs to block all piracy websites. In turn, Singapore’s copyright act comes with huge fines for infringement, nevertheless, aimed at the profit seekers.

Online surveillance

So unfortunate for Singaporeans as their right to privacy is not written into law. Hence, the government gathers collective information and surveillance placed on the Internet. Unless you want to eliminate yourself from such monitoring, you have to provide certain identifications at times for things that you may take for granted.

The government, however, does something that limits the anonymity online. The authorities issue ID cards and passports for several actions such as buying a sim card, registering for a public Wi-Fi. The system broadly applies to any form of digital interaction. That being said, has made the Singaporeans to access the internet with limited abilities, and also with the fear of being monitored. Knowing fully well that the government has their reason for undergoing all this surveillance, you still did no wrong by choosing to keep your activities anonymous.

Reports disclosed that the government has a well-established surveillance that keeps a log of every motive on the internet. The surveillance which is also capable of monitoring digital communication is now widespread across the country. Considerably, the FinFisher server monitors devices, intercept data, and does many other things. The government uses this because it provides adequate access to data, even in encrypted forms.

Freedom of Speech in Singapore

The Singaporean has an idea of what the above subtopic discloses. No doubts, the citizens are beneficiaries of the freedom of speech policy. However, let it be known that it has some limits.

The Public Order and Safety Act, enacted in 2018, implies the ban of digital communications like messages during certain periods. The consequences attached to the neglection of this act are 2 years in prison and a fine of 20,000 Singaporean dollars.

The Administration of Justice Act is put in place for offensive interactions with court proceedings. The law comes with a punishment of about 3 years in prison, and a fine of 100,000 Singaporean dollars. Notably, it highly affects bloggers who create related issues.

The Sedition Act disregards hatred towards the government, races, and classes. The law includes a punishment of up to three years in prison. Under the penal code, defamation is a criminal offence that attracts serious consequences. In some cases, this act works against bloggers to shut down their blogs, get charged and arrested.

A good citation is the arrest of Roy Ngerng, who was charged with a fine of 150,000 Singaporean dollars for the defamation of the prime minister. In consideration of these strict laws, media outlets and journalists do self-censorship.

Features of a suitable VPN for Singapore

The purposes of using a VPN in Singapore are to avoid online surveillance, geoblocks, or still, cyber attacks. All of these are possible, if and only if, you opt for the best VPN service.

Besides, VPNs come with similar features. What differentiates them from each other is their level of implementation. In other words, not all VPNs know fully well how to implement the features they possess. You should choose a tool that provides optimal security. That way, you get to avoid penetration from cybercriminals and online surveillance.

For bypassing restrictions, a good server network suits just fine for the work. The increase in server makes it easier to circumvent restrictions. On the other hand, a speedy connection needs to be in place. It is usually helpful when streaming shows and videos. In the case of accessing local restricted content, servers in Singapore are major necessities.


Providentially, RitaVPN possesses the features mentioned above. Not only that, but it also implements them in a way that satisfies the users.

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The setup process is swift. The interface allows for easy navigation, so does it provides excellent anonymity. In a country like Singapore where there is too much surveillance and data interception, people still prefer to keep their privacy. RitaVPN got you covered, and is set to keep you going for long periods.

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