How to Update your Apps Safely?

How to Update Your Apps Safely

Do you know software updates are essential? In this post, we will show you how to update apps safely?

You just updated an app, and the only change you noticed was the reduction in your data balance. You still don’t know the importance of app updates.

Applications (apps) are essential must-have on devices. Without apps, phones, and computers would be dumb screens, with no use.

Having an app on your device is not enough; keeping the app updated at all times goes a long way in ensuring maximum satisfaction and security.

Why should apps be updated?

Apps are updated for many reasons, most of which end users don’t usually acknowledge. However, app updates contribute to the overall wellbeing of a device. Here are the top reasons app should always be updated

1. Security

One of the main reasons apps are updated is security. Apps updates contribute to the security of your device and make sure your personal information is not compromised.

Sometimes, apps may become vulnerable to attacks. Hackers may find a loophole that can be exploited to wreak havoc on the device. Hackers may hack the device and get access to the personal and financial information of the user.

To combat this, developers endlessly work to identify these loopholes and fix them in upcoming versions of the application. And what’s your part? Update your app to get the security update.

An example is the WhatsApp attack, where animated GIFs are sent to a user to attack them. This was quickly fixed by WhatsApp, and an update released to users.

2. Bug fixes

Sometimes, something may be wrong with a particular app. This is discovered when many users report the same problem with the same app.

Developers always keep an eye open for bug reports and work towards fixing it. When it is fixed, the developers usually introduce an update.

So, if one finds out that an app has an unexpected error, check if the app is of the latest version. If not, then the app should be updated. If it is the newest version; however, then the error should be reported, and a new version of the app should be anticipated.

3. New features

Another essential reason why apps should be updated is the latest features. An app update introduces new features. New features make the app more fun to use, and added security is even a feature!

Instagram was initially an app with filters and some adjustment options, nothing more. However, Instagram has introduced hundreds of new features over the years. Instagram stories and the ability to share multiple pictures at once was something that wasn’t part of the initial design of Instagram.

Every other app also adds features after an update. Games may add new levels, and online media apps may improve security.

Now you know why your apps must update, it’s also essential to learn how to update them safely, without downloading any malware to your device.

How to Update Your Apps Safely

Updating an app is so simple, you only have to do a few clicks or none at all, and your apps are all updated.

App updating is different across operating systems, but the processes required to update Android and iOS apps safely are explained here.


Automatically updating apps on the latest iOS versions isn’t a hectic process. By default, the apps and games downloaded from the App Store automatically get updated, without notifying you.

However, this setting can be turned off, so you manually update all of your apps. Manual updating can be time-consuming but useful if you’re afraid you might download malware.

To manually update the apps on your iOS device, you have to follow these steps:

  • Make sure you’re logged in using your Apple ID.
  • Open the App Store
  • Then, tap on the “Today” menu at the bottom of the screen.
  • Tap your profile at the top and scroll down. You’ll see some apps due for updating. You may tap Update next to each app for individual updating. You can also select Update All to update all apps pending updates.

And that’s all. You can fully enjoy the fruits of your update in a faster, smoother app.

You can also turn off automatic updates in the recent versions of iOS, as they’re programmed to update automatically.

To turn off the automatic updates on your iOS device, follow these steps:

  • Go to settings and select your profile information.
  • Select “iTunes and App Store”. When you get to this page, you’ll see a toggle that enables you to switch from and to automatic updates.

You successfully turned off auto-updating for your apps on the iOS.


Google Play, the official Google software market is a little stricter when it comes to app updates. If they discover the update can fix a serious security problem, they enforce it and automatically update the app, not minding any privacy or automatic updates settings.

However, you can still turn on automatic updates on Play Store. This can quickly be done by accessing the settings in Google Play. To do this,

  • Open Google Play setting from the menu
  • Select Auto-update apps.
  • You can also select if you want to update apps through mobile data connections or WiFi.

That’s all about setting an auto-update for android apps.

You can also update an Android app manually, here’s how:

  • Open Google Play on your device.
  • From the menu, tap “My Apps and Games.” If a game is available for updates, it is labeled update.
  • Tap “Update”, and you are done.

Bottom Line

Updating your mobile applications is an essential task in protecting your mobile devices. However, to secure your mobile devices when surfing the web, you need to make use of a virtual private network (VPN). This allows you to protect your online activities and keep your data logs from the snooping eyes of ISPs and marketing companies alike. Besides that, VPN anonymizes your online identity making it impossible for you to unblock websites without hassles.

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