6 Best YouTube Alternatives for Kids

Best YouTube Alternatives for Kids

If you are like most parents who are conscious of what their kids watch online, then this article is for you.

When you give a child a phone, the first app they quickly access is the YouTube app. This is because YouTube is one of the biggest video platforms, where one can catch all the entertainment in one place. While the majority of the videos on YouTube are very educating, some of them are not quite suitable for kids.

 If you are looking for a video platform that is an alternative to YouTube and very suitable for your kids, then keep reading.

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Why you should access a website or app with RitaVPN?

The use of a VPN is generally to unblock websites and also protect your online presence from online attacks and unwanted government agencies. In this case, using a VPN like RitaVPN will protect your child when he/she is accessing YouTube alternative websites or apps.

Since children are innocent and are easily vulnerable to online attacks, using a reliable VPN like RitaVPN will protect them from online fraudsters. Therefore, before you progress to installing anyone of the below app for your kids, install RitaVPN first on the device.

Let’s proceed to the list.

Best YouTube Alternative for kids

1. YouTube Kids

When some parent complains about the contents their kids are consuming on YouTube; we wonder why they aren’t using YouTube Kids for their children. YouTube Kids is a specific version of YouTube set aside for kids between the ages of 2-13.

This app has loads of kids entertaining and educating content that are made for children which are available for both android and iOS version. The useful feature of this app is that it also has parental control, security features of disabled search, and automatic lock features.

These features prevent the child from watching or spending most of their time watching videos. And yes, it is also free.

2. Nick Junior 

A concept from Nickelodeon studios. This free app that requires no login is another alternative to YouTube. Unlike the generally Nickelodeon studio, which shows a more advanced kids related content, Nick Junior is very suitable for kids with the age range of five and above.

It has exciting and very educating shows that assist children with school studies. Though it has no parental control, most of the shows there are very much enlightening. Nick Junior has original content, but you can also link your Telecom provider for an additional show you want for your children. Just make sure you activate your RitaVPN before letting your kids access the app.

3. Jellies

Unlike YouTube Kids and Nick Junior, which are free, Jellies cost about $4.99 per month with a 30 days trial. However, one good reason you won’t hesitate to consider it is because it is jam-packed with great educating shows unrestricted to only cartoons.

Another exceptional reason why Jellies makes a great alternative is that humans and not bots select all the shows. Therefore, be highly satisfied that the chosen shows for your kids are safe to view. Most of the shows in it are very suitable for kids from 4 years, and the above parent can also limit the number of shows and time their kids spend on it.

The app has an iOS version and android version, which can be downloaded from the Amazon App Store.  

4. KiddZtube   

Costing about $3.99 per month with a free trial offering of about 14 days, KiddZtube also makes an excellent alternative for YouTube. The contents and shows delivered in it are non-toxic to kids and very appropriate to much younger preschool kids. They are the primary target.

You should know that most of the contents in KiddZtube are taken from YouTube, but the best part of it is that educators highly select the contents. The educators who choose these shows check for its safeness and non-violent and also include more relevant content. So, most videos comprise of further teachings, studies, guidelines, and quizzes. One disadvantage is that KiddZtube doesn’t have an app for the android version.

5. Netflix 

Many don’t know this, but Netflix has selected a version which is very suitable for kids of all range. How do you achieve this? Very simple. You start by creating a new account or profile in your android or iOS device. In the setting of that same profile, select ‘for Children’; there you have it, a restricted content for your kids.

There are also setting where you can alter the age range of the kids viewing the show; therefore, contents are provided based on how younger or older the child is. These and even a pin lockup are all part of the parental control setting.

Prices range from 8.99 per month with free trial obtainable. If you are living in a country that has Netflix restriction, you can uplift the limitation by using RitaVPN.

6. Kidoodle.TV 

Kidoodle.TV is another good YouTube substitute for kids you can contemplate for. Accessing the app is for free, but it has limitations that can be uplifted with a fee of $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year. Contents in Kidoodle.TV are suitable for children between the age range of zero to 12 years, and the shows vary from kids fun and entertaining presentations to educational shows.

While we encourage the use of RitaVPN for accessing any of the above listed YouTube alternative apps for kids, parents are still advised to monitor every show in any of these alternatives. Extra scrutiny won’t hurt to protect your kids.

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