Best Clickbank Alternatives for You to Make Money via Affiliate Marketing

Best Clickbank Alternatives for You to Make Money via Affiliate Marketing.

If you are one of those who want to make money as an affiliate, you shouldn’t miss Clickbank.

Founded in 1998 by Tim and Eileen Barber, ClickBank is one of the leading affiliate marketing networks. It is quite easy and free to create a Clickbank account to get revenue by promoting various digital products on it.

When it comes to the commission rate, Clickbanks offers up to 75% and even 100% for some products. It is also renowned for its on-time payment. Affiliates here get paid through Check, Direct Deposit, Wire Transfer or Payoneer. The payment threshold is just $10.  

Note: there are charges on Dormant ClickBank Accounts.

I have to admit that Clickbank is a great platform for affiliates and even beginners to make a profit. But there are still a lot of affiliate marketing networks with features that are not available on Clickbank. Here are some of the top alternatives to Clickbank.

Rakuten Affiliate Network

Rakuten acquired LinkShare in 2005 and rebranded it as Rakuten LinkShare. In 2014, Rakuten LinkShare changed its name to Rakuten Affiliate Network.

If you want to promote physical products rather than digital products, Rakuten Affiliate Network is a good choice. It has a large variety of physical products. But the commission rates are much lower than digital products. It depends on your choice.

Rakuten Affiliate Network offers affiliate marketing programs from plenty of top brands, including Ray-Ban, New Balance, Sephora, Lacoste, Guess, Walmart and so on. To promote products on Rakuten Affiliate Network, you have to sign up for it first, which is much complicated than Clickbank. After getting accepted by the network, you need to meet each advertiser’s requirements for approval. So, it is not easy to be eligible for promoting a product.

As long as you reach the payment threshold of $1, Rakuten Marketing will pay you weekly. In addition, the payment can be processed in 25 currencies.  

CJ Affiliate (Commission Junction)

CJ Affiliate has been around for more than 20 years. It is the market leader among the affiliate marketing service providers.

ValueClick, Commission Junction’s parent company, changed its name to Conversant in 2014. Later, Conversant was acquired by Alliance Data Systems. Now, CJ Affiliate is owned by Publicis Groupe.

CJ Affiliate is very similar to Rakuten Affiliate Network. You have to apply to each advertiser and wait for approval to promote its products. But it is different from Rakuten Affiliate Network in that it has physical products and digital products as well.  

CJ has a large variety of products, from automotive and electronics to gardening and recycling. But it is easy for you to find the best products because you can filter these products by category, language, serviceable area, currency, and so on. CJ Affiliate is also popular for its real-time analytics, which is helpful in finding what kind of affiliate product brings the most revenue for you. That is to say, you will be able to make more money through more accurate marketing.

As for the commission rate, you can expect up to 43%. It also pays on time like Clickbank. You will receive payments through Direct Deposit, Check, or Payoneer within 20 days of the end of the month. The payment threshold is $50 for Direct Deposit and $100 for Check.

CJ Affiliate can process payment in 150 currencies without clearing fees if you choose to receive payment through Payoneer.   

Amazon Associates

Amazon is a famous online shopping platform that is known by buyers. It has physical products and digital products of broad categories. Amazon Associates is the affiliate platform launched by Amazon. You can take advantage of Amazon’s wide variety of goods and credibility to make a profit from affiliate marketing.

However, it is not an easy task to sign up for Amazon Associates and get approved by it. And you can’t get much from what Amazon earns on each product as the highest commission rate is just 10%. Compared to how much you can get from Clickbank and CJ Affiliate, it is rather low.  

The payment threshold is $100 for Checks and $10 for Direct Deposit. There is a $15 service charge for Check.  

eBay Partner Network

eBay Partner Network (EPN) was launched in 2008 by eBay, an e-commerce leader around the world. It is quite similar to Amazon Associates. You can get the benefits of a large variety of products offered by eBay and its credibility to get revenue from affiliate marketing with ease.

There are not only physical products but also digital products on eBay Partner Network. The commission rate per sale for affiliate programs on eBay Partner Network ranges from 50% to 70%, which is a considerable income. The downside is that it is challenging to get approved by the network.  

As long as you have earned more than ten units of your home currency, eBay Partner Network will pay out every month via PayPal or Direct Deposit.  

Bottom line

Since you might be blocked from accessing these affiliate marketing networks like Clickbank in your country or region, you will need a virtual private network to unblock websites to start making money as an affiliate. Besides, your online property and private information deserve extra protection such as a VPN service.

Here we recommend you use RitaVPN to make money on these affiliate marketing platforms by promoting products. This VPN will definitely secure your Internet connection with military-grade encryption. It doesn’t keep a log of your online activity. So, what you do online is only kept to you.

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