What is the Best VPN for Kazakhstan?

What is the Best VPN for Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan, a former Soviet state with an estimated population of 18.3 million residents, is the world’s largest landlocked nation. Kazakhstan is an epitome of beautiful scenery, multi-cultural, and friendly natives.

Internet usage in Kazakhstan is fast gaining popularity as the country has an internet penetration of 76.8%. However, Kazakhstan is declared “not free” according to freedom rights advocate, Freedom House.

Apart from being geo-blocked from websites and services, Internet users in Kazakhstan face the problem of government surveillance and censorship on internet content. This article will show you how to bypass these barriers with a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Geo-restriction and Cybercrime

Kazakhstan IP addresses are blocked by websites like Hulu and the likes. The streaming or content sharing websites that aren’t blocked only render a local version of their content to internet users in Kazakhstan.

Also, hackers use malware to steal information from targeted individuals in Kazakhstan. They sell the stolen information on the dark web or the government.

Government Censorship in Kazakhstan

Sadly, the Kazakhstani government is part of the governments that spy on the activities of their citizens. Over the years, reports have surfaced online accusing the Kazakhstani government of frequently monitoring their citizens by video at internet cafes and tracking their internet activity.

The Kazakhstani government regularly blocks websites that oppose its leaders or publish “extremist” views or defamatory remarks. Internet activists have also faced criminal charges for posting content that criticizes the government.

In Kazakhstan, popular websites and apps like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Whatsapp could be blocked during protests, political demonstrations, or “urgent cases”. Also, video and photo hosting platforms like Tumblr, Vimeo, and Flickr are routinely blocked in Kazakhstan by court order for “extremist” and pornographic content.

Recently, the Kazakhstani government has passed a law that mandates internet users to register their identity before dropping a comment on any website. This has led to most publishers taking down the comment section of their blogs.

Due to these reasons, internet users in Kazakhstan must be cautious about their internet activity. If you want to use the internet safely and freely (without blocks or restrictions) as a resident or visitor in Kazakhstan, you need a VPN.

How a VPN works?

Anytime you surf the internet, you’re connecting via an IP address. The government and data thieves can see where you’re connecting from and what you’re doing online by tracking your IP address.

A VPN transmits your internet activity through a tunnel that’s created between your device and the VPN’s server using end-to-end encryption technology. The encrypted data can’t be tracked by hackers or your Internet Service Provider. Not only does a VPN make your internet activity untraceable, but it also ensures that your data is secure and gives you online privacy.

A VPN lets you access websites that are blocked or geo-restricted by spoofing your location. When you connect to a server in another country, it tricks the blocked websites into believing that you are accessing it from the country you’re connected to.

There are free and premium VPN providers. Stay away from free VPNs if you care for your safety because they leak users’ data, keep logs of your internet activities, and you could be caught by the government.

Is it Legal to Use a VPN in Kazakhstan?

Regardless of the heavy internet censorship in Kazakhstan, it is legal to use a VPN in the country. However, not all VPNs are suitable for use in Kazakhstan – some VPN websites are even blocked in the country!

The Best VPN for Kazakhstan is…


RitaVPN is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) provider that prioritizes your online security, anonymity, and privacy. RitaVPN has a large number of fast servers located in different countries around the world.

RitaVPN uses military-grade encryption that prevents you from being exposed to the government and other prying eyes whenever you connect to a public Wi-Fi hotspot. It conceals your real IP address and does not keep logs.

With RitaVPN, you can easily bypass the heavy internet censorship put in place by the government and also access unlimited content in geo-restricted websites.

Features of RitaVPN

RitaVPN is recommended as the best VPN for Kazakhstan because of the following features.

  • Military-grade encryption: RitaVPN makes use of military-grade encryption technology to protect your data from hackers or the government.
  • Anonymity and online privacy: with RitaVPN, your online activities can’t be tracked or spied on by the government. Hi Anonymous!
  • Access to more content: RitaVPN gives you access to your blocked websites and geo-restricted content on websites like Netflix, Hulu, HBO GO and so on.
  • Numerous servers worldwide: RitaVPN has a large number of servers located in several countries around the world.
  • Unlimited bandwidth: RitaVPN offers unlimited bandwidth. This allows you stream videos and audio in high definition.
  • Spoofing of IP address: Whenever you surf the internet with RitaVPN, it masks your real IP address and makes it appear like you’re browsing from another country.
  • Anti logging policy: RitaVPN does not keep logs of your internet activity.
  • Kill switch: RitaVPN utilizes a kill switch feature to stop your internet connection when there is interference in connectivity.
  • Technical support: RitaVPN’s experienced technical support team is always on standby to help you solve any technical issues.

RitaVPN offers 3 pricing plans for you to choose from. While the monthly plan costs $10.99, you can get a 30% discount by paying $49.99 for the 6 months plan. However, the smartest choice is to subscribe to the yearly plan which offers a massive 55% discount on premium services. For 12 months, you’d only pay $69.99!

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Final Thoughts

RitaVPN offers a free trial and a 7-day money-back guarantee to its new users. You can also use a subscription on multiple devices and across several platforms. Stay safe in Kazakhstan. Use RitaVPN.

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