Is Your Email Safe?

Under the tide of the Internet, IT technology changes day by day, network security becomes a new threat to people. And Email is ushered in new development and reform. Email account theft, confidential mail leakage, important mail interception and other incidents happened frequently, causing serious economic losses to individuals and enterprises.

A new form of phishing has emerged online, in which attackers disguise phishing content as an Office 365 warning email. It claims that the user has triggered an intermediate threat alert and notifies the user of a large number of files deletion in his account, tricking the user into clicking on the warning box.

If you click the “see details” link, a fake Microsoft account login page will open and require you to log in. When a user enters password, the account and password entered are sent to the attacker’s phishing site, where all the data entered is saved. Ultimately, their accounts would be compromised without any knowledge of it. Attackers are free to make changes to these phishing victims’ information.

Once your email is phished, more of your personal information is in the hands of hackers. You would be faced with identity theft. Your email is definitely a big threat to your personal data. So, be careful of phishing emails and malicious links when using your email.

  • Always log out after you finish using email. Don’t just close the browser.
  • In the meantime, change your login password regularly and use a more complicated and safer password. Don’t use the same password for all your accounts, especially those tied to your email account.
  • Last but not least, a VPN is beneficial for you to protect your email. Your email is not only a tool to exchange messages between people but also a gateway to your privacy.

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