What is Google Duplex? Everything you need to Know

What is Google Duplex and How Do You Use it

The Google Duplex was revealed at Google’s Developers Conference in May 2018. Google sparked extreme controversy by announcing Duplex, a system that uses the human-sounding AI software to book appointments with doctors and hotel reservations. Google gave a few demonstrations on stage that weren’t live, and that was a bit concerning, and said in a statement that Duplex would be released with availability last year. The project quickly spoke about the values of artificial intelligence and created concern about the potential of a robot to mislead people.

What is Google Duplex?

This service works with an AI-driven voice and is meant to help make business meetings throughout the web, but with no communication from the client. The AI voice could understand the actual voice at another end of the conversation. This system responds with the proper answers to the questions and inquiries of other people.

A clip of a client asking Google Assistant for restaurant reservations was released later. It demonstrated how Google Duplex AI called the hotel and communicated with the worker to book the reservations. Later on, Google’s assistant also notified the hotel that the booking was all setup. The engineering behind interacting in a natural human conversation reflects Google’s impressive achievement.

What Exactly is Google Duplex?

For many years, companies have been looking to create ways for people to speak with the machines. Almost all companies have been using automatic telephone system for the clients. We have virtual assistant speakers in houses and virtual assistants on the devices. These systems may be useful, but they have some limitations.

One of the main problems with the programs is that the system does not adjust with the user; instead, the client has to react according to the system. Whenever you speak on the telephone with an automatic system, you have to repeat yourself several times, and even sometimes virtual assistant does not respond according to your request.

Google Duplex enables us to deal with these issues by allowing the pc to speak regularly with a person. This AI system automatically adjusts with the person, and you can speak normally just like you talk on the telephone with other people.

What can Google Duplex Do for You?

  • The important thing Google Duplex is going to do is managing your tedious work.
  • This AI system can manage your meetings, make calls for you, and check the working hours at a business by calling them.
  • Google Duplex can book a table for you in a hotel, make an appointment in a salon or reserve your seat in a café.
  • If you want to meet someone in your favorite hotel at 6 p.m. on Sunday, Google Duplex will call and reserve a table for you.
  • After the confirmation of your table, it will also notify you.

What Are the Limitations of Google Duplex System?

  • One of the significant limitations of this system is that you cannot listen to the recordings of calls that have been made on your behalf.
  • You cannot get a written copy of the calls. It is not yet clear whether Google would allow duplex users in the future to access this data.
  • If you wanted to cancel a booking, you can’t use Duplex for at least one day to make a different booking in the same restaurant.
  • Google will disable the use of Duplex for you if you use Duplex for reservations at different hotels, and then you cancel all the reservations.  

Concerns About Google Duplex

  • A large number of people have raised concerns regarding Google Duplex. Besides being a bit timid, many people are concerned about its security and privacy. Do you really think it is safe to have a device calling someone and talking to them on your behalf?  
  • Others have objections over the potential advertisement effects, and some people are even worried about how quickly AI is taking place and evolving. Google Assistant launched a few years ago, but now it already looks like a real person on the mobile.
  • Google says that Duplex is restricted to communication behaviors in which it has been trained, but it can practice other patterns. What would be the response of Duplex if the man on another end of the call has a stroke during the conversation on the phone?

What Kind of Data Does Google Duplex Collect?

The Duplex team is using the data of users to teach its very sophisticated algorithm. They have trained Duplex’s RNN on a database of personally identifiable telephone conversation data to achieve high accuracy. They did not say whether the system is going to retain and use the information.

The data of users collect most of the revenue of Google as it is used for the ads. Google accesses the data of its users. The data stored in Google Photos, Google Assistant voice, and Gmail is properly scanned to determine the profile of users. Each product of Google provides us new and cool features, and in return, it gets access to our data. This time let’s see how much data does Google Duplex collects?

Luckily, Google is aware of this problem and is trying to find a solution to all these problems. They have been planning on new strategies and techniques to get better results.

Google Duplex on Web

The company stated its intentions for expanding Duplex to help other people filling up the online forms. It is classified as Duplex on the web. In the beginning, this tool will be restricted from being used for renting cars or buying tickets for movies. Duplex on the web has been rolling out in the US. It is only used to assist in purchasing movie tickets.

When you buy the tickets from your mobile by using Google Search, it gives you an option of purchasing through Google Assistant, and then Google Duplex takes over. It acts as an assistant, and when you finalize the tickets, the assistant handles the purchase by using the already stored payment information.

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