Best Tech Gifts Ideas for Privacy in 2020

Best Tech Gifts Ideas for Privacy in 2019

It’s that time of the year to give and receive gifts. We are also in a period where surveillance is high, hence a gift that will protect loved ones privacy from unsolicited government and cybercriminal surveillance will be the perfect gift for this festive season.

To save you the headache of thinking up the best gift for your loved ones, you can check through my selected gift ideas for 2020.

Best Tech Gift Ideas for Privacy

1. RitaVPN Subscription: the best gift for this season

Gifting a RitaVPN subscription to family members and friends makes a perfect all-in-one gift for this festive season.

RitaVPN protects your privacy using a military-grade AES 256-bit encryption tunnel to keep your data safe and secure from prying eyes even when connected to public networks. Its intelligent kill switch mechanism works well to prevent data leakage in the case of accidental disconnection.

Besides, RitaVPN also makes you anonymous when surfing online by protecting your IP address and masking your location. Hence, you and your privacy-conscious loved ones can enjoy 100% online invisibility from hackers and government spies working hard to track you down.

Also, with RitaVPN, you and your loved ones can enjoy access to unlimited multimedia content from restricted sites and also stream movies via RitaVPN’s secure dedicated streaming servers.

The juicy part of using RitaVPN is that you can connect multiple devices (up to 4) to a single RitaVPN subscription, making it a perfect family gift for this season.

Visit RitaVPN official website and select gift plans for you and your loved ones.

2. Yubikey

The Yubikey is a solid two-factor authentication USB stick that protects your accounts from being hacked. It is a reliable device that requires a touch to login to your accounts. Hence, you do not have to worry about memorizing long and complex passwords to access your account.

With the gift of a Yubikey, your loved ones can enjoy maximum privacy protection and data security.

3. Burner phone

A burner phone is an ideal gift for high-profile loved ones paranoid about privacy. A burner phone can be an app or a standalone phone that creates a temporary phone number to make and receive phone calls. The beauty of using a burner phone app or device is that calls made or received cannot be traced back to you easily. Therefore, your loved ones can enjoy the gift of online anonymity and privacy protection with a burner phone or app.

4. Privacy Screen

Privacy screens are suitable for shielding out your phone display from everyone around you. It works well to protect your screen contents from eyes all around you, trying to catch a glimpse of what you’re up to on your device.  

A gift of privacy screen works well in giving your loved ones physical privacy in a public environment.

5. Encrypted USB flash storage

Encrypted USB storage drive makes a perfect gift for privacy-conscious loved ones because of its military-grade encryption protocol used to protect files, documents, images, and multimedia contents safe and protected from unauthorized access without the right password.

6. Microphone blocker

Keep your conversation safe from eavesdropper this season with a microphone blocker. You can give the gift of a microphone blocker device or app to your loved ones to prevent audio hacking. It’s always hard to predict who is listening in on your conversation, but with a mic blocker, you and your loved ones can protect yourselves from unauthorized third-party eavesdropping.

7. USB condom

A USB condom might not be a friendly phrase to you, but it’s a must-have device to keep your data safe when charging your devices using public USB ports.

USB condoms are USB data blocker that prevents the transmission of data between connected devices. USB condoms are essential for you and your loved ones in protecting your data, especially when charging through public USB ports.

8. RFID blocking wallet

Yes, the RFID technology used in credit card and other chip-enabled cards is an incredible technology that has brought in several advancements, it nonetheless makes it easy for cybercriminals to steal credit card information without you knowing.  

But with an RFID-blocking wallet for you and your family, you can be sure of protection from unauthorized third-party scanners all around you or your loved ones looking to steal valuable info from RFID-enabled chips.

9. Firewall device

Firewall devices are great for protecting IoT devices from privacy and security threats. They work by protecting your network using an integrated antivirus to keep malware out of your home network.

A firewall device will make a perfect gift to protect your home network from unauthorized access and intrusion.

10. Cloud-based cam

Cloud-based cameras (cloud cam) is a valuable piece of internet-enabled camera ideal for protecting your home.  You and your loved ones can have peace of mind knowing that there is an eye watching over the safety and security of your home. Hence, a cloud cam is a perfect gift to keep an eye on things in this busy yuletide season.

11. Webcam cover

A webcam cover is an invaluable tool you should have in your privacy protection arsenal in this festive period. Webcam covers are essential to protect your privacy from watching eyes on the internet.

Malware hijacks your webcam and monitors your activities via without your consent. A webcam cover protects you from malware that might have hijacked your webcam to monitor you when not in use.

12. Phantom glasses

Phantom glasses are fashionable anti-facial recognition sunglasses useful for countering cameral surveillance. It is a perfect gift to protect your identity or that of privacy-conscious families and friends in an environment under massive camera surveillance.

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13. Antivirus subscription

Antivirus subscription makes an excellent gift for families and loved ones to protect their devices from malware infections. It is common knowledge that most malware is designed to steal confidential information from the unsuspecting public. Therefore a good antivirus proactive enough to keep out the bugs and malware from your devices can be a perfect gift to families and friends.

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