What is the best VPN for Mexico – Internet Privacy & Security?

What is the best VPN for Mexico - internet privacy & security

Mexico is an attractive country in the world and many choose it as the apartment to stay while traveling. Mexicans also have a trend in traveling. The most significant feature is 45% of the Mexican population uses the internet and that is about 55 million people. It increases day by day and the Mexican government has made some restrictions on using the internet. Searches of the government, data retention, restriction of websites are some examples of that. The Mexican government says that it is done for the national defense of the country but it limits the rights people to use the internet freely. Today we are talking about what is the best VPN for Mexico to avoid those restrictions and use the internet freely.

For those reasons mentioned above, you have to use a VPN in Mexico and it is necessary to protect your privacy even you are in any country.

If the traffic of your data connection is unreadable by 256-bit AES encryption and secure VPN tunneling, even ISP cannot breakdown your privacy. Therefore, you are surely protected in Mexico.

Also, if you are a Mexican & travels to another country you need to have a VPN because to make fulfill services like Netflix Mexico, local channels such as Televisia, Canal 5, and Azteca 7, as well as online banking.

Do you know that the Mexican government has made laws to look into personal data at any time?

By the online surveillance law resolved in 2014, the Mexican government can collect personal, descriptive data of any person and it is a big threat to visitors and also for residents. Not only this, even the Mexican government does not filter the contents of the internet or block them, many web sites and streams, including US providers Netflix and YouTube, have restricted GEO-locations.

What are the significant features of a VPN to use in Mexico?

Though Mexico is not much internet restricted country, by the online surveillance law which was adopted lately, the privacy of the Mexican people & visitors has been taken away. 2014 telecom renewal law has fired discrepancies because it keeps descriptive, explorative data.  

If your privacy is important when you log into the internet in Mexico, you have to use a VPN with strong encryption & high-security steps to protect from ISP observations and it should have a zero-logging policy. From that even if the government compels the ISP to provide them the user details, but they do not have any user recodes. Through that only you will be 100% safe. When selecting a VPN service, you have to be careful as many have not those features. But we recommend that RitaVPN is the best VPN for you & it can protect you when you are surfing the internet.  

Also, there are some significant features that you should be careful of.

  • Unblock geo-restricted streaming services without any problems
  • Fast and reliable product with little to no downtime
  • Uses stringent encryption parameters so your location remains hidden at all times
  • Top-notch customer support
  • Support major platforms
  • Providers that do not keep logs

Telecommunications Law of Mexico

As aforesaid telecommunication law has been adopted in 2014. That law deregulated the provision of telecommunications and mapped out the development of the country’s cabling backbone.

Unfaithfully, internet boom in Mexico, telecommunication law introduced obligations to store logs of activities of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and mobile network users. The days of Internet freedom are gradually coming to an end in Mexico, as the Mexican government has been able to hold the use of laws for up to two years.

The main reason to execute this law is that the Mexican government hoped to give information to fight against the drug & weapon dealers.

What are the reasons to use a VPN in Mexico?

Here we discuss the banned contents and the non-banned contents within Mexico and also discuss the legal issues & criminal penalties you have to face if you are caught up by accessing banned contents.

Government urgent Surveillance

After the detection of the Mexican government is using spying software to store data of some internet users, it raked many heavy problems related to unlawful observation activities.  

More than 20 incidents of espionage on journalists, human right activators, lawyers & politicians have been discovered. It is seen that the government has paid a minimum of 80 million dollars for that software.

Banned Content

The Mexican government does not know that there are actively blocked or filtered online contents, blocked social networks or messaging apps are there in the country. There are international attentive blog services also in Mexico. But as the “My Music” website was banned in 2017 due to contravened copyrights, the supreme court announced that to ban a whole website is not constitutional.


Mexico has given a permit for Voice Over IP (VOIP) service and users must know that this service could also face any security issue that other online services face.

Social Media Freedom

In the time of 2016-2017, the requests of the government to the associations of social media to provide information on their users were increased. However, there are many social media like Face book, YouTube, WhatsApp & Twitter are also in use in Mexico.

Legality of VPNs

There is no prohibition in Mexico to use any VPN and it is good to support VPN users.


It is not updated for torrenting and for downloading any contents which have copyrights, by any illegal methods.

Streaming Sites

There are world-famous Streaming Sites in Mexico like YouTube which is a high-class streaming site. Netflix also can be accessed in Mexico but the contents are different than those in other countries because of the needs of license.

Hulu and BBC iPlayer viewers are well aware that the service is not available in Mexico unless you use a VPN tool.

VPN for Mexico: Conclusion

If you are a permanent resident or a traveler in Mexico, using a VPN service you can fulfill all the internet needs. It is not prohibited to use VPN in Mexico. If you choose a VPN service with zero-logging policy, you would not be tracked in internet connections.

For that, you have to use the best VPN and as aforesaid we recommend that RitaVPN is the best VPN for you which has 100% security. It is better to select the RitaVPN as your VPN partner from today itself and surf the internet freely as you wish.

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