Best VPN for Google Voice

Best VPN for Google Voice

In this post, we will reveal the best VPN for Google Voice.

When a family member is outside the country, communication is usually reduced or sometimes wholly restricted. This is mainly because making international calls is more expensive than making local calls. However, international calls can be made cheaply and even for free by using Google Voice.

Conversely, Google Voice is a VoIP service that allows its users to make unlimited international calls for free. However, Google Voice cannot be used outside the United States. 

To get a Google Voice number from the Google Voice service, a United States IP address is needed. If you do not reside in the US, and you wish to make use of Google Voice VoIP service, you need a US IP address. 

Getting a US IP address is possible by making use of a VPN service without necessarily visiting the United States.

What is a VPN?

A VPN is a service that masks the online identity and location of the user. VPN works by routing the user’s internet connection through its server, thereby making it seem like the connection originates from a different location.

Apart from masking the user’s IP address, a VPN service also ensures anonymity and unblocks websites such as Google Voice.

Best VPN for Google Voice

An excellent VPN is critical to gain access to the Google Voice service. From research and testing, it might please you to know that RitaVPN is the best VPN service for a superb Google Voice experience.

RitaVPN is a feature-packed VPN service, which is perfect for unblocking Google Voice. Several VPN service providers lack the essential qualities for unblocking Google Voice service effectively from outside the United States.

Here are some features a good VPN should possess before it can unblock Google Voice:

1. Speed

In this technologically advanced age, a slow internet connection is a turn-off. Whether the VPN is to be used for Google Voice or any other online activity, speed is an essential factor. Users testify to the fact that RitaVPN is excellent when it comes to browsing speed. You can access Google Voice with RitaVPN without any lag.

2. Multiple servers

To unblock Google Voice and subsequently get a Google Voice number, launching the connection from the United States is necessary. Unless a VPN with servers from the United States is used, it will be impossible to do that. RitaVPN has servers in the United States and many other locations around the world.

3. Security

There are no security hassles when using RitaVPN as the connection is encrypted using military-grade encryption protocols. This enhances the privatization of the users’ online identity

4. No-logs policy

For absolute digital privacy, RitaVPN keeps no track of the users’ information. Not many VPN services can offer this. Therefore, RitaVPN subscribers are guaranteed to complete online anonymity.

5. Simultaneous connection

RitaVPN supports simultaneous connections on up to four devices with a single subscription. This saves the hassle of buying a separate subscription for separate devices.

6. Cross Compatibility

RitaVPN supports significant mobile and desktop operating systems such as iOS, Mac, Windows, and Android.

7. Technical support

RitaVPN has a highly responsive team that works endlessly to see that the needs of its users are met. With 24/7 technical support, users never get stuck or confused using the RitaVPN service.

How to use RitaVPN for Google Voice?

To use RitaVPN for the Google Voice service, follow these steps below:

  • Create a RitaVPN account on the website
  • Download the VPN application for your device (Android, iOS, Windows, macOS)
  • Subscribe for any of RitaVPN subscription plans.
  • Get a US phone number with a softphone service. You can make use of ExpressTalk (ET) Softphone service in getting a US phone number. 
  • Launch in a web browser with your RitaVPN service enable. It is recommended that you clear your browsing history and cookies. 
  • Choose a Google voice number. To choose the Google voice number, the US area code is selected first, and any chosen number is entered. In the case where the number is unavailable, numerous trials should be made until a new number is available.
  • Enter the US phone number and click: “Call Me Now.” Google dials the phone through the ET softphone and gives a verification PIN. This is necessary for verification.
  • Enter the four-digit PIN code, read and agree to the terms and condition
  • Once the number is verified, one can start making international calls with the Google Voice service for free.


Google Voice allows the exchange of messages and international and local calls all for free. However, it is not available for everyone around the world. It is only available in the United States. 

With a RitaVPN subscription and an internet connection, anyone can make use of Google Voice no matter their location.

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