Best VPN Service Provider for LinkedIn

Best VPN Service Provider for LinkedIn

Since it emerged in 2002, LinkedIn has been one of the vast platforms where professionals can mingle with like minds and share career information. Through this social media platform, many professionals can find desires jobs and opportunities in better organizations. 

However, with this advantage side of it, some countries prohibit the use of this social platform. LinkedIn is banned in countries like Russia, Iran, Cuba, and Syria. These are countries known for implementing strict rules on how and what their citizens access online.

We have always recommended the use of a VPN for accessing blocked websites for maximum protection. So, if you are wondering the best VPN to use for LinkedIn, then keep reading.

Best VPN Service Provider for LinkedIn

You should also know that aside from the government restriction on this site, LinkedIn is also a social platform that requires user’s information. On setting it up and logging, more of your information will be required. If you are someone whose online information matters the most, you shouldn’t be accessing sites like this without protecting yourself with a VPN service.

Daily, online hackers are hijacking internet user’s accounts for fraudulent deeds. Your LinkedIn account may not contain your bank details, but your little information there may be diverted for fraudulent activities. Therefore, you should always make use of a VPN service when you want to connect to the web.

To select the best VPN (Virtual Private Network) for LinkedIn, there are so many VPN service providers out there. Some are lacking while some are up to their promise. To avoid the hassles of trial and errors nor to waste your funds, we recommend the use of RitaVPN for accessing LinkedIn.

RitaVPN is not just ‘any other’ VPN out there but one that comes with a top-notched premium service. It is not only known for unblocking websites but also protecting user’s information from both online hackers and government monitoring agencies.

How to set up RitaVPN for your LinkedIn

The process of setting up RitaVPN in conjunction with your LinkedIn account is not a tedious one. This is because RitaVPN comes with an easy to use interface. It is beginner-friendly, so even if you have never used a VPN before, you won’t find it cumbersome.

How to set up RitaVPN?

  • Start by installing your RitaVPN on the device where you will be using your LinkedIn account. RitaVPN is compatible with Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows Operating Systems. Therefore, install your RitaVPN on any one of these devices. Also, you can sign up or login on your LinkedIn on any of the supported devices.
  • Set up a RitaVPN account or login if you already have one.
  • Choose a payment plan suitable for you. RitaVPN offers a variety of payment plans ideal for different budgets.
  • After payment, choose from the different available servers. RitaVPN has different servers to choose from. In this case, you might want to select a server in a country like the USA, UK, or even Canada. The choice is yours.
  • When you finally choose your preferred server, tap the connection. You are ready to go. You should know that RitaVPN offers a maximum connection on only four devices.
  • Double-check if your IP location is fully masked.
  • Then navigate to the LinkedIn app or to to sign up or log in.

Benefits of using RitaVPN for LinkedIn 

We have provided detailed steps on how to connect to RitaVPN on LinkedIn. Here are the benefits of making use of this VPN for your LinkedIn.

1. Maximum privacy

One of the highest advantages of using RitaVPN for not only LinkedIn but for your general online protection is because of the top-notch guaranty protection. One problem that some, if not most premium VPNs have, is the tendency of leaking IP location. With RitaVPN, you should expect absolute privacy protection.

2. Security

RitaVPN makes use of the AES-256 bit encryption protocol for securing your data. Therefore you should expect maximum protection. Even if you use a Wi-Fi connection from a coffee shop, café, office, or home, your information is still protected.

3. Kill switch technology

Another prominent reason why the RitaVPN is still regarded as one of the best VPNs in this modern age is its improved technology. The RitaVPN utilizes the use of ‘kill switch technology’ for active protected connection and security. This technology is an intelligent technology feature that automatically ‘kills’ your internet access when you mistakenly disconnect from the internet. This feature assists in protecting your data, preventing it from exposing. 

4. No data log

Many Virtual Private Network (VPN) service providers do claim that most of their user’s information is not recorded nor stored. However, along the line, users will discover that their data are saved in the database of these VPN providers. This compromises the policy they made. With RitaVPN, you can be assured that your information is never logged. This is because users’ privacy and information protection are the top priority.

5. Excellent customer support

RitaVPN offers 24/7 customer service for any problem you might encounter when setting up a VPN connection. These service representatives are always ready to work your through to solving your problem.


As stated before, RitaVPN prices are very budget-friendly. There are plans which meet every need. You can either choose the weekly, monthly, three months payment, or even yearly plan. All price information is on the RitaVPN pricing page.

Remember, you don’t only use RitaVPN for assessing or unblocking LinkedIn alone. You can use it to unblock other social media platforms and streaming services such as Netflix, Pandora, HBO, Spotify, and more.

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