How to use IMO anywhere and tips to protect your account from cyber-attacks?

How to use imo anywhere and tips to protect your account from cyber attacks

IMO is a world-famous online video call and chat app. IMO service is abundantly used in countries where apps like WhatsApp, Viber, Snapchat are banned. Therefore it was widely used in Asia. But IMO service has also been banned in some countries. Furthermore, some cybercriminals are now compelled to hack IMO accounts and to get their needs like taking ransoms, fulfilled through them. So this article would be very useful to you, to learn how to protect your IMO account and to use it from anywhere in the world.

How to unblock IMO from banned countries?

Millions of users use IMO around the world and it has been banned in countries like Dubai, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Iran, Egypt, China, Jordan, Kuwait, North Korea. When you are in Europe or America you can use IMO without restriction. However, if you are a tourist or one who lives in one of those countries, the only way to use IMO is by using a VPN. But VPN service is in abundance and you should know how to use IMO from these countries with a secured VPN.

You can use a perfect VPN like RitaVPN for this purpose without fear.
This is the latest, unseen and safe network connection. It protects you 100%. RitaVPN covers your IP address. You can use an IP address from America, Canada, Europe or any country where there are no restrictions. So, nothing can obstruct you from using IMO from anywhere in the world.

Do you know that your IMO account can be hacked without any technical knowledge?

Your account can be craftily hacked without any technical hacking. If this has happened to you, follow the given steps. You may have received a call or a message from someone known or unknown saying that you might have received a code by mistake and to send it back. That is your IMO code relevant to your number. Many deceived by this fraud, send this code to those hackers and lose their account.
This happens when some outsider gives your number even though you already have an IMO account of your own, and the verification code is sent to you since that person does not have your number. What this person does is taking the verification code from the owner himself. Many do this unknowingly. By giving them the code, you can close your account instantly. But you can delete your account data and when you open the IMO app again, you will be asked for the number again. When the number is given you can get back your verification code. But if someone has taken over your account as said before, you have to be careful, because they can have committed crimes disgustingly using your account.

Can anyone hack IMO technically?

Unlike other online chat apps, it is difficult to hack IMO accounts. But a good hacker can do that. But you can protect yourself by using a VPN. You can only be hacked if you use Open WIFI or you are visible to anyone. But using VPN encrypting its data can secure your protection.

How can you know if your IMO account has been hacked by someone?

Unfortunately, unlike Telegram, IMO cannot display active sessions. So, you cannot see if there’s any suspicious connection to your account. If there’s any doubt, the only thing you can do is to delete your account or to verify it again.

Tips to protect your IMO account from cyber-attacks

These tips can be useful to protect your IMO account or other online chat apps.

Be careful when you give permission

Do not install third-party apps to your phone other than from Google play store or Appstore. When you permit to install third-party apps all your data can be taken by anyone.

When you install third-party apps to your phone see if they ask for permissions unnecessary to access that particular app. If it is suspicious, prevent from installing.

Free WIFI network

When you travel, do not log through every free Wi-Fi network available. Because cyber attackers can be anywhere. If you use any open free Wi-Fi network using a VPN, then you should not be worried.

Keep your devices only for your use

Keeping your devices only for your use, you can get rid of troubles. Because when you give your device to others with details of your IMO chat, calls, and images, any of their deeds can harm your image. If you do not log to your IMO account often, be careful when you give your device to others.

Secret IMO tricks you never use

IMO messenger app has many simple and secret tricks that we can use.

Change IMO background-color
  • Click on the person that you want to change the background color.
  • Click on the top right corner Chilean dot
  • Use any color for the background

Add background music to your profile
  • Click on your profile image
  • Go to music widget and click
  • Choose any song you like and save
Disable the last seen option
  • Go to the options menu of your account
  • Click on the settings icon
  • Go to menu and select the privacy
  • Last seen will be disabled and you are seen only if you are online

Although IMO is similar to any other chat app, you can make voice calls even with low signal.


If you hope to use the IMO service from anywhere, it is banned in the above-mentioned countries. But you can use IMO from anywhere in the world with RitaVPN. We recommend RitaVPN because of its advanced technology. VPNs can also be banned in some countries. But you should not worry about RitaVPN. It is gaining fast fame as it provides you a highly reliable and valuable service.

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