How to Unblock Vevo with RitaVPN?

How to Unblock Vevo with RitaVPN

Vevo is a top-notch music video streaming platform that provides top quality music videos to its subscribers. It was developed as a result of collaboration among significant entertainment groups such as Sony Entertainment Music, Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, and Google.

After more than a decade of its existence, Vevo has evolved to be standard for music video streaming worldwide. Due to Google support, it is also integrated with YouTube, thereby allowing subscribers to access music videos from YouTube. 

Besides, Vevo also facilitates on-the-go streaming through its provision of mobile applications that enable user’s access from their mobile devices.

Benefits of Vevo

Vevo is an abode for music lovers and artists alike. It enables individual artists to create channels where they can upload their music videos and reach more viewers. On the other hand, users can stream music videos of their favorite artists and labels without hassles.

Irrespective of Vevo’s affiliation with top music labels and international artists, it is geo-restricted. Initially, Vevo worked only in the United States; however, its coverage was later expanded. Hence, Vevo is only accessible in a few countries across the globe.

Besides that, several music videos on Vevo are available in selected countries only, due to piracy and licensing issues.

Nevertheless, you can enjoy the Vevo streaming service from any location through the usage of a Virtual Private Network (VPN). 

What is a VPN?

Just as the name implies, VPN is a virtual private network that provides an encrypted connection to the internet from a device through a different server. Basically, VPN routes the user’s connection through its external server, which replaces the user’s IP address with the VPN-allocated IP address. This ensures that the user’s IP address is hidden, irrespective of the location or device.

How does a VPN Unblock Vevo?

For the non-tech-savvy user, it might seem tricky to get convinced that a VPN can unblock Vevo. 

Vevo relies on IP addresses to correctly identify a user’s location. Conversely, VPN masks the user’s original IP address, replacing it with a different one, usually from a different location.

When Vevo checks the connection, it appears like it was made from the server’s location (unrestricted location) instead of the exact location of the user. If the server is situated in a supported location, Vevo authenticates the user access.

How to unblock Vevo using a VPN?

It is easy to unblock Vevo once you are mobilized with a VPN subscription. To unblock Vevo with a VPN, follow these steps:

1. Subscribe for a VPN Plan

While there are several VPN service providers out there, RitaVPN is notable for unlocking websites and services alike. Not to mention, several RitaVPN users attested to unblocking Vevo from their internet-enabled devices without hassles.

2. Set up the VPN

RitaVPN comes with compatible applications for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices. To set up RitaVPN, download and install the RitaVPN apps on your internet-enabled devices.

3. Connect to a USA server

The best country to access Vevo from is the United States. Fortunately, RitaVPN has US-based servers you can connect to for unrestricted Vevo access.

4. Launch the Vevo website or app

After establishing the US server connection, you should be able to access RitaVPN without issues. The error message would be gone while you can stream music videos on Vevo.

Why should RitaVPN be used for Vevo?

There are hundreds of VPN service providers out there for anyone to use. However, it should be noted that not all VPNs can unblock Vevo. To unblock Vevo, a good VPN with exceptional features should be chosen.

RitaVPN can be used to unblock Vevo as well as any other geo-restricted websites. This VPN service provider incorporates several features, which includes:

1. Encryption

RitaVPN was designed with users’ digital security in mind. Hence, the VPN service utilizes AES-256 on the OpenVPN protocols to securely encrypt users’ information, thereby making it impossible for hackers, or ISPs to snoop.

2. Speed

To conveniently use Vevo music streaming service, a fast VPN that can load videos without flaws should be utilized. RitaVPN’s high speed has been attested by its users, who recommended using the VPN for substantial video streaming services such as Netflix and YouTube.

3. Devices compatibility

RitaVPN supports significant mobile and desktop Operating Systems such as Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows OS. This makes it convenient for use on typical devices.

4. US-based servers

One of the essential requirements for unblocking Vevo is US-based VPN servers. Conversely, RitaVPN has US-based servers, which make it the best choice for unblocking Vevo.

5. No-logs policy

RitaVPN operates a no-logs policy. This means that all online activities such as websites visited are kept wholly hidden and remain undisclosed even when requested by the government. Hence, it is ideal to use VPN service for non-crime usage, which could warrant government requests. Nevertheless, RitaVPN’s no-logs policy is highly guaranteed.

6. Technical support

RitaVPN has a reliable 24/7 support team that attends to users for resolving both technical and non-technical issues associated with using its VPN service. This ensures no user gets stuck while using the VPN service for Vevo. Once a problem is encountered while using the service, their support team is always ready to help.

Despite possessing these premium features and even more, RitaVPN is affordable. The subscription price is $64.99 yearly, $6.99 monthly, $2.99 weekly, or $0.99 per day. 

Why not free VPNs?

Free VPNs are abundant on the internet and are quite alluring. However, the cost of maintaining multiple servers without charging a premium fee is suspicious.

Several free VPNs never unblock websites, and they subject users to poor speeds. In some severe cases, free VPNs collect and sell their users’ information to advertisers, or load malware on their users’ devices. 

For this reason, it is advisable to stay away from free VPNs and make use of an affordable VPN with premium features such as RitaVPN.


In conclusion, Vevo is an excellent music video streaming platform that is available only to specific countries. With RitaVPN, you can unblock Vevo from anywhere in the world without hassles. 

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